7 Signs That You Need a New West Villages Air Conditioning System

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When was the last time you thought about your West Villages air conditioning system? If you’re like most people, it’s out of sight, out of mind, but when you’re dealing with the scorching heat of summer and the air conditioner break, it will be the only thing on your mind.

There are signs that you need air conditioner replacement. If you take notice of these signs, then you could get a new air conditioner before it becomes an emergency. It’s nice to have the West Villages AC installed in the fall or spring before you need it in the summer.

Check out these signs of your air conditioner might ready for replacement.

1. Time Often Dictates West Villages Air Conditioner Replacement

Time takes its toll on all things including your West Villages air conditioning system. Over the years, it goes through periods of heavy use and then total shutdown. Dirt can build up in the components and the machinery begins to break because it’s old.

If you notice your West Villages air conditioner needs repair every year or if it’s more than 10 or 15 years old, then it should be replaced. In the long run, buying a new higher efficiency air conditioner will make up its cost in lower electricity bills and repair costs.

A brand-new air conditioner in West Villages also comes with a peace of mind that it isn’t breaking down anytime soon. An older unit can give you stress and anxiety because you don’t know if it will last the entire season or you’ll go days without air conditioning on the hottest days of the year.

2. AC Blows Out Lukewarm or Hot Air in West Villages

The purpose of an air conditioner is to lower the temperature, so your home is comfortable during the hottest periods of the year. If you notice the air conditioner isn’t blowing out cold air or blowing hot air, then it’s a big sign your unit needs replacing.

If the unit isn’t blowing out cold air, then the compressor could be bad, or it might be low on coolant. Alone these might not be enough to replace the unit, but if the serviceman sees other issues that could complicate its functionality in the future, then it’s easier to purchase a new unit.

This is one of the biggest warning signs that your air conditioner isn’t working properly and a common problem for older systems. Your air conditioner repairman can work with you to pick a suitable replacement for your size home.

3. Air Isn’t Coming Out of the Vents

When you have a central air unit, it needs to provide cooling to every room in the house. If you notice the vents aren’t blowing out air or it’s very weak, then it could mean a problem with the central air unit’s compressor.

It could also mean there are issues with your ductwork. Through the years, dirt and other debris can clog up the ducts and lead to decreased airflow. Also, there could be leaks in the ductwork, leading to cold air spilling out before it reaches the end of the vents.

If there are dust and debris in the ductwork, then it could cause health problems with people sensitive to respiratory issues. If the compressor is bad, then the serviceman will help you determine if a replacement is necessary.

4. You Hear Knocking or Grinding Sounds

Air conditioning units make noise, but it should be a shrill whine or knocking sound. If your unit makes these sounds, then it means something is very wrong and could be close to breaking down.

If the sound is squealing, then the issue is likely with the AC belt or the air conditioner needs lubricating. If there is a knocking or grinding sound, then the unit’s motor bearing could be broken. If it is, then you are near a breakdown and possibly burning out the engine.

If caught early enough, the unit may just need repairing, but if it leads to a breakdown, it might be better to replace the unit with a more efficient one.

5. Bad Smells Coming from Vents

Something is soothing about the smell of air conditioner air, but if the odor that comes from your vents is burnt or musty, then you’ve got AC issues. The unit has intricate wiring that over time can burn out, leading to a bad odor coming from the vent.

If the smell is musty or moldy, then you probably have mold growing in your ductwork. The wiring issues could lead to the unit breaking down you should consider a replacement.

6. Moisture or Puddles Around the Unit

An air conditioner naturally takes water out of the home and decreases humidity, but if you notice liquid coming from the unit or water pooling around it, then it’s an AC issue.

One of the most common leaks is refrigerant. This should be fixed right away because it’s a health risk to your family and pets. If it’s a sign of more serious problems, then replacing the unit could be the best option.

If it’s water pooling around the unit, then the drainage tube is probably blocked with debris. This isn’t a serious issue and can be easily fixed.

7. You Notice High Electric Bills

When you run the air conditioner on hot days, it leads to higher electrical bills. If you notice the bills are higher than normal for that time of year, then it could mean your AC unit is losing its efficiency.

Age and wear and tear can lead your unit to become less efficient over time. It must work harder to lower the temperature. If it’s an older unit, then it’s naturally less efficient than modern models.

Replacing it with a high-efficiency unit can substantially decrease your electric bill and end up paying for itself in savings.
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Don’t Risk a Broken Air Conditioner in West Villages

Air conditioner replacement is costly, but if your unit shows any of these signs, then it might be time. You don’t want to risk your health and comfort with a broken unit when you can have a brand new one that works amazingly.

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