Venice AC: How to Know When You Need AC Maintenance – 3 Warning Signs

The average temperature in the Venice, FL area from June through September is 89.6-degrees F.

If you live in this area, you probably know how hot it gets during these months, and the other months can be hot, too.

Living in Florida offers so many perks, but there is one thing you probably cannot live without in this area – central air conditioning.

Keeping up with your AC maintenance can help you protect your system and avoid outages throughout the year, but you’ll need to learn what warning signs to watch for with your system.

If you know the warning signs that your system needs maintenance, you can get the services you need before your system stops working.

Are you ready to learn the signs? Keep reading to find out the top three warning signs to watch for with your central AC system.

1. Your System Runs All the Time

One warning sign of an AC problem is constant running. Does your system keep running all day long and all night, no matter what the temperature is outside?

Does your house temperature ever reach the desired temperature you set on your thermostat? If you have problems reaching the desired temperature and notice that your system keeps running, it can indicate a problem.

An air conditioning system should not run all the time. It should run for a while until the temperature in your home is what you set the thermostat on, but it should shut off after that.

It may then kick on again after some time has passed, as the temperature in your home may increase when the system is not running. This cycle should continue often, but your system should never run all the time.

If you notice that it’s always running, you should view this as a warning sign. A system that keeps running but never catches up with the desired temperature most likely has issues.

There are a lot of issues that can cause this problem with a central AC system, including the following:
  • The air filter is dirty – A dirty air filter can interfere with your system’s ability to cool your home.
  • The system is old and worn-out – A system that runs all the time might do this because of its age. If this is the reason, you should consider replacing it instead of repairing it.
  • The system is low on coolant – The other common reason this happens is from low coolant levels in the system.
You should call a company in the Venice, Florida area to get services if you’re experiencing these symptoms with your system. And if you decide to replace the system instead of repairing it, consider choosing a York system, as they are the best around.

2. Your System Is Short-Cycling

A second warning sign to look for is short-cycling. Short-cycling is something that can happen to an AC system when there is a problem with it.

When a system short-cycles, it means that it runs for a short time and then shuts off. It then kicks on again almost immediately and runs for a short time. Then, it shuts down and keeps repeating this cycle.

If you are not sure if your system is doing this, go and listen to it. You should check both the indoor part of your system as well as the outdoor part. If you see that it is short-cycling, call an HVAC company soon.

Short-cycling can happen for a lot of reasons, but a common cause is from low coolant. A system that does not have enough refrigerant in it will not be able to extract the heat from the air, but it will try.

In fact, it will keep trying each time it turns on. When the system realizes that it cannot extract the heat from the air, it will shut off. It will then kick back on to try again, and this results in the process of short-cycling.

3. You Haven’t Had AC Maintenance in One Year

The other sign to consider is the amount of time that has passed since you last had AC maintenance. While your system might not experience any problems if you wait longer than this, the chances that you will have problems increases by waiting.

Getting an annual routine AC maintenance service is the best way to keep your system running well. Here are the benefits of getting yearly services:
  • You can avoid outages due to malfunctions and issues with your system
  • Your system will likely last longer
  • Your system will operate more efficiently
  • Your house will stay cooler
  • Your energy bills will be lower
Each year, an AC technician can adjust, check, and clean your entire AC system. If any of the parts are not operating properly, the technician will replace them. If the system is dirty, he or she will clean it.

You will have a system that works more efficiently afterward, and the system will have an extended useful life. If you would like to reap these benefits, get the AC maintenance your system needs each year by contacting a York dealer.

If you choose not to get services each year, you will have a higher chance of experiencing problems with your AC system.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Services Today as a Form of Preventative Maintenance

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These are all signs that you need to schedule maintenance services today. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, give us a call or visit our website.
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