North Port AC: This Is How to Prevent the Most Common AC Problems

This Is How to Prevent the Most Common AC Problems

You switch on your air conditioner, but you quickly notice that your living room’s air isn’t turning cool. Suddenly, you begin to panic. It’s hot outside, and you can’t afford for it not be cold inside.

Truth is, you’re not the only person who relies on air conditioning each year. Research shows that three-quarters of homes across America have air conditioning systems.

Fortunately, you can take a few easy steps to prevent your air conditioner from going kaput from one hot season to the next.

Here’s a rundown on several things you can do this year to prevent the most common AC problems that homeowners face.

Let’s jump in!

Filter Replacements Prevent Motor Failure

One of the most critical steps you can take to prevent common AC problems is to clean your air conditioner filters regularly.

When filters become blocked, clogged, or dirty, your system’s motor will experience excessive strain. Unfortunately, this can destroy or at the very least damage the motor. And if your motor is damaged, your system’s lifespan may be shortened.

By replacing your filters, you not only protect your system but also you maintain good air quality in your home. In addition, you keep your utility bills from rising due to having an overworked system.

Consistent Maintenance Prevents Short AC Unit Lifespan

It is also wise to arrange preventive AC maintenance for your system each spring.

Yearly air conditioning service helps you to optimize your system’s efficiency and thus keeps your unit from working harder than it should. If your AC is poorly tended to or overworked, it will likely die young.

During annual air conditioning service, you can expect a technician to check for all potential problems. They’ll additionally clean your unit, lubricate its moving parts, and tighten its electrical connections.

As a general rule of thumb, a system that is well maintained can last between 12 and 17 years.

Keeping Outdoor Unit Clear to Keep Airflow Problems at Bay

When it comes to your AC, it is also wise to check your outdoor unit periodically and remove debris that might have collected near it. For instance, cut back foliage in the area so that nothing is within three feet of the outside unit.

This will help with preventing airflow blockages that will cause your unit to underperform and potentially shorten its lifespan.

In addition, try to clean your unit on a regular basis with a hose after you turn off your home’s power supply. This will further help your system to run without inhibition.

How We Can Help You to Address Common AC Problems

We offer high-level services designed to help you to prevent or address today’s most common AC problems.

When it comes to servicing a malfunctioning unit, we possess extensive experience in repairing virtually every air conditioning system brand. In addition, we can install an air conditioning for you right away — in many cases, on the same day you receive a quote and decide to move forward with the install.

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