North Port AC Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: The Differences Explained

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner The Differences Explained

You step outside and immediately feel the sun’s warm rays heat up your skin. Suddenly, you begin to sweat — not because you’re hot but because your home’s cooling system just died and you’re nervous about how you’ll make it through the summer without it.

Not surprisingly, you’re now in the market for a new cooling system. And you’ve already made up your mind that you’ll purchase an air conditioner right away.

No so fast, though. Before you buy an air conditioner, it’s wise to first compare a heat pump vs air conditioner.

Although an air conditioner is a popular home cooling option, it’s not the only one. Contrary to how they sound, heat pumps are also excellent solutions for keeping your home cool.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about these two cooling solutions before the hot weather arrives.

Let’s jump in!

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner

An air conditioner and a heat pump can both deliver highly efficient cooling, but they accomplish this in different ways.

An air conditioner, which has an indoor and an outdoor unit, works by transferring heat from one area to another. However, it also creates cool air and then delivers it to another place. The indoor unit has a blower whose job is essentially to push the cool air throughout your home.

On the flip side, a heat pump works by removing extra heat from your home when it is hot inside.

The system pumps a refrigerant through lines, and this refrigerant absorbs your home’s heat. It then moves from the indoor unit to the outdoor one to release the heat. This process is reversed during the cold winter months to bring heat to your home.

Heat Pumps’ and Air Conditioning Systems’ Benefits

A chief benefit of a heat pump is that it has the ability to provide both cooling and heating with a change in seasons. Note, though, that it does not work well in environments with extremely cold temperatures.

Still, heat pumps can also run consistently while not wasting excess amounts of energy. These systems are additionally excellent at removing extra moisture from your home’s air.

A major advantage of air conditioners is that they usually last longer than heat pumps do. This makes them a smart choice for the cost-conscious customer.

Air conditioners also work well in cold climates when they are combined with furnaces.

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