North Port AC: What Causes Bad Indoor Air Quality?

What Causes Bad Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is too important for everyday health to ignore.

From respiratory diseases to general focus levels, indoor air quality can have a lasting impact on our livelihoods.

After all, fatigue, focus, and bleariness can all affect our ability to properly earn our paychecks.

But beyond your workweek, your capacity to breathe and live is important too. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect basic AC maintenance, making their homes susceptible to declining air quality.

So keep reading if you want to know what causes bad indoor air quality. Afterward, you might ready to give us a call.

Poor Ventilation

An HVAC system isn’t only meant to circulate air. It’s also meant to filter out outdoor pollutants that would otherwise pollute indoor air quality. If there are high levels of indoor air pollution, it’s likely that the duct filters are too old, too dirty, or both.

AC filters are supposed to be switched out every day. Needless to say, not many homeowners are very diligent with this routine. They probably don’t even know that they must change out their air filter that frequently.

Regardless, ventilation has a huge impact on an HVAC system’s efficiency. Without it, you’re actually doing the opposite of what a filter’s supposed to do. Instead, you’re actually circulating filthy air that lowers your indoor air quality.


Traditional stoves powered by wood, coal, and charcoal aren’t commonplace anymore. Instead, American households typically use gas stoves, which give off virtually no smoke. This sharply contrasts traditional stoves, which use solid fuels that produce harsh cookstove smoke.

These fumes cause 4 million premature deaths each year. While a bonfire in an open beach area might have plenty of space to burn, even a small fire in an enclosed space can have heavy health consequences.


Airborne asbestos is one of the most common and dangerous indoor air pollutants. However, non-airborne asbestos is safe to be around and adds fire-retardant properties to your building. But cutting, breaking apart, and otherwise disturbing asbestos can raise airborne asbestos levels.

This is very dangerous, especially for people with respiratory conditions. Airborne asbestos raises building occupants’ chances of developing lung disease, including cancer and asbestosis. While symptoms will take years to develop, the disease’s slow development is still lethal.

Secondhand Smoke

No amount of ventilation or duct cleaning can completely eliminate the dangers of indoor smoking. Of course, we understand that indoor smoking is terrible for the environment and for the smoker’s lungs. But even non-smokers consume nearly every danger of smoking just by being around it.

In fact, 7,300+ US nonsmokers die each year because of secondhand smoke. When nonsmokers inhale secondhand smoke, their body mimics the same cancerous process that smokers do through direct inhalation.

Care About Indoor Air Quality? Let Us Help You Clear the Air!

Indoor air quality can make or break the health of every building occupant. For those who want the best for their family or their building employees, optimizing air quality through good ductwork and regular AC maintenance is key.

At Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand how much the quality of an HVAC system can impact health. That’s why we offer various HVAC services, including AC repair and maintenance. If you like the sound of that, send us a message and book your appointment today!

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