North Port AC: 4 Signs It’s Time to Change Your AC Filter

4 Signs It's Time to Change Your AC Filter
High-quality air conditioners control humidity and improve indoor air quality. Unfortunately, the opposite is true when the AC filters are clogged. Clogged filters distribute dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and more debris; these allergens contribute to respiratory disorders, fatigue, migraines, and chest pain. You should change your air conditioner filter every three months at the very least. To improve indoor air quality and AC efficiency, replace filters every six weeks or 45 days. You may have to replace your filters even earlier if they exhibit worrisome signs. Here are four telltale signs to know.

1. High Energy Bills

Increasing health issues is one sign to watch. Skyrocketing energy bills also cause their fair share of headaches. This sign isn’t always easy to spot. Homeowners who run the AC frequently during summer expect higher bills; the same applies to heaters during winter. Compare your energy bills from the previous year. If there’s a noticeable change, your AC may be working hard to make up for its clogged filters. Overworked air conditioners don’t produce the same output as new, clean HVAC systems. Thus, you’re paying more to get less.

2. Constricted Air Flow

Why is your AC working so hard? Clogged filters obstruct airflow, distributing very little air throughout the house. Air conditioners must have a certain amount of air to work properly. Restricted airflow will eventually break the AC, requiring a complete replacement. Look for dust near the AC vents and surrounding furniture. If other areas aren’t dusty, your AC is likely blowing dust through a dirty filter.

3. Is It Hot In Here?

You need a reliable air conditioner to withstand Florida’s sweltering summers. Try to get AC repairs squared away before the hotter months. Little to no cold air output is a big sign, but this issue doesn’t necessarily mean your AC is broken. Give your AC a few minutes to get started. If you still don’t feel any cool air, your filters are probably clogged. This problem has less to do with restricted airflow and more to do with the dust settling on the cooling coils. Dust buildup increases frost inside the AC, making it difficult to produce and distribute cool air.

4. Overheating Air Conditioner Unit

If you feel little to zero cold air, touch the back of the AC unit with your hand. If the AC is noticeably hot, the air conditioner filter is likely clogged. Warm air is another sign. An overworked AC with clogged filters will pump warm air behind the unit. If you still experience these signs after replacing your filter, there’s likely a larger problem at play. You may need a part replacement or a new unit. Book an AC appointment first to ensure all filters and ducts are clean and healthy.

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Enjoy healthy indoor air quality again with a clean air conditioner filter. Remember to spot warning signs before filter problems get worse.
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