North Port AC Home Maintenance Troubleshooting: Do You Have a Broken AC?

Home Maintenance Troubleshooting Do You Have a Broken AC

Are you one of the 100 million American homes with an air conditioner? We rely on our ACs to keep us cool in the hot spring and summer months. But what happens if something goes wrong? How do you know when you should call out a professional to fix your broken AC?

The cost of ACs to American homeowners is approximately $11 billion a year. 5% of all electricity in the country goes towards air conditioning. You don’t want a malfunctioning AC to drain even more of your dollars!

Our AC troubleshooting guide will help you understand the different problems that can arise for your AC unit. It will help you identify when you need to call out for professional help.

Here are some weird things you may notice happening with your AC.

Strange Sounds Aren’t a Good Sign

There’s nothing more annoying than a loud AC keeping you awake at night.

Can you hear a rattling or whistling noise? Maybe it’s more of a screaming or loud buzzing sound. These are all signs something is not right with your AC unit.

The noises could be a sign of a loose part or a malfunction with the belt or air cooling system.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to fix these things yourself. If you hear unusual AC noises, call us, and we’ll fix the problem in no time.

Bad Odors Could Mean a Broken AC

Foul odors from AC units are not a good sign. A musty smell could indicate there are mold spores in your unit. If you smell burning, this could be one of the electrical parts malfunctioning.

Both of these are significant issues. If the smells coming from your AC are unpleasant, don’t just leave it and hope the smells will go away! Seek help immediately.

AC Leaking Water

If the air conditioner is leaking water, it could be a sign there is something wrong with the refrigerant. This can also make a gargling-type sound. This is quite a big issue and means you need an AC repair.

Poor Airflow

Another key indication that there is something wrong with your air conditioner is insufficient airflow. Perhaps the air isn’t circulating the room as well as it usually does, or the air coming out is warm.

This could be a sign of a blocked filter, a faulty part, or an electrical malfunction.

If the filter is clogged, you should be able to clean it yourself. If the AC still doesn’t work after this, you will need an HVAC technician to diagnose the problem.

AC Repairs Made Easy

To make sure your AC is functioning optimally, you can do some monthly maintenance. This includes checking the thermostat and cleaning the filter. If you take care of your AC, it will last longer, and it will be less likely you need an AC replacement.

If, after maintenance, you still find some of the above problems occurring, you can call a professional to troubleshoot your broken AC.

You can contact us at Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating. We will ensure your AC is always functioning optimally.

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