Englewood, FL: Common AC Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Through Simple Steps

Common AC Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Through Simple Steps

Cool heads prevail in America. 87% of homes rely on air conditioning equipment.

But that doesn’t mean that your home may be comfortable. You may notice that your unit is broken, even after you’ve made repairs. If you want a truly cold home, you need to study AC repair mistakes.

What should you do to keep your air clean? What are some signs that you need to make immediate repairs? When do you need to get a new unit?

Answer these questions and you can avoid the most common AC issues without breaking a sweat. Here is your quick guide.

Missing the Filters

Your air filters remove particulates in the air, including dust. After a few months, they become clogged and you must insert new ones. If you have pets, your filters may clog within three months.

You have several filters throughout your unit. You need to go to the air handler cabinet and replace the filter there. You then need to look at the return air register and swap its filter out.

Not Inspecting Strange Noises

It is okay for your AC unit to make a noise while it is running. You may hear a whooshing noise as air runs through your vents.

It is never okay to hear a knocking, banging, or thumping noise inside your unit. One of the signs that you need repairs right away is a metallic grinding sound.

You need to think about fixing AC damage when you hear such a noise. You should look inside your vents and see if anything has broken off. If a fan belt has broken or a vent has caved in, you should contact an AC repair service for support.

Setting the Thermostat Incorrectly

Many people set their thermostats to very low temperatures. They figure that their homes will heat quicker.

In reality, setting the thermostat low makes the unit strain. Many common AC issues occur in stressed units.

You should set your thermostat to a temperature in the 60s. If it feels hot in your home, you should check your thermostat to see where it is at.

Keeping an Outdated Unit

Using AC repair equipment will help you fix minor problems. But your AC system will eventually start to break down. Your central AC unit may last between 12 and 15 years.

Do not keep a broken unit in your home and waste time making repairs. Once it has stopped working, you can find a new one at an appliance store. Try looking for an energy-efficient model.

Fixing the Most Common AC Repair Mistakes

You may commit AC repair mistakes without knowing it. Your unit has several filters, and you need to change them out on a regular basis.

Thumping and grinding noises are rarely okay. You should see what the problem is and then call a repair service with your observations.

Set your thermostat at a mild temperature. This will trigger your unit without stressing it too much. After 15 years, you should replace your unit with a new device.

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