Venice AC: 5 DIY Fixes for Common Air Conditioner Problems

air conditioner problems
Florida is downright unbearable when you have air conditioner problems.

You could pay big bucks if you got a big AC job or cooling emergency. Many companies know your pain and charge through the roof!

Here’s the thing:

These AC problems aren’t always as troublesome as you’d think. A bit of elbow grease and you could be back up and running while saving a bit of money.

Don't Sweat It: Use These Easy Solutions to Fix Your Common Air Conditioner Problems

Not to sound alarming but the intense Florida heat is more troublesome than sweating a lot. The high temps are outright dangerous and life-threatening.

Cold showers, fans, and lounging at a store might work for the day. But, you’ll need to get that AC fixed pronto! Here’s how you could save money, your sanity, and health by fixing the AC.

The Easy Stuff

Use the process of elimination to tackle easy issues:
  • Check the circuit breaker and thermostat to see they’re powered
  • Change the filter if you’re seeing the air flow restricted
  • Melt ice build up around the system and its coils if it’s locked up
  • Clean the in and around the unit, and its ducts, so it performs well
It’s easy skipping over the basic things. So, start with the power and make your way through the AC unit components. Finding and fixing a simple problem saves money if a local HVAC company charges to come out to look!

If the AC Isn't Cooling

Your AC may power on but it’ll blow warm, musty air. Or, kick off after attempting to run after a few mins. That’s no good but at least you know the unit isn’t completely broken! This means you’ve got options.

Float Switch, Pump, and Lines

Your unit may include a safety float switch. Too much condensation and this may “trip” the safety switch. Your HVAC will shut off as the result of it getting tripped.
  • Remove and replace the A/C float switch
  • Test and replace the condensate pump (if needed)
  • Clear out the condensate line with a shop vac or compressed air


Something may cause air flow restrictions to the outdoor condenser. Or, there may have been damage to the unit. It’s time to check and fix problems!
  • Clear the area
  • Spray debris off the coils
  • Check and fix coolant lines

If the AC Isn’t Working at All

The capacitor and/or compressor are the usual culprits for problems. You’ll notice the problems if you hear:
  • Hums
  • Buzzing
  • Clicking
Check your unit’s manual to order and replace the part. Else, you could try discharging the capacitor using a screwdriver but… don’t do this. It’s far too dangerous to begin messing with major electrical items. Check your local HVAC services and their reviews. Let them handle the electrical issues as they’re the professionals.

Other Issues

A few other reasons why your AC doesn’t seem to work could include:
  • A broken AC blower belt (remove and swap a new one in)
  • Overheating (in which components may need a deep cleaning)
  • Improper wiring (may need the thermostat replaced)

Call the Experts

Many basic air conditioner problems you can do on your own. Though, it’s in your best interest to call the pros when the task gets too challenging or dangerous. You don’t want to break things further nor endanger yourself!

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