North Port AC: 9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an AC Repair Company

9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an AC Repair Company

Your AC is one of the most expensive equipment you have at home. But no matter how expensive, they get faulty, and you need them repaired from time to time. It’s essential to have professionals to repair services and maintenance your AC from time to time.

But before allowing anyone to touch your expensive equipment, you need to be careful with your choice. Choosing the wrong contractor can mean even more trouble.

Here are nine questions you need to ask before you hire an AC repair company.

1. What Experience Do You Have in AC Repair?

You must understand how long the contractor has been in the AC repair industry to gauge their capability to handle the job. A contractor with a long history dealing with HVAC systems must have repaired all equipment types.

You must also find out whether they’ve dealt with your brand before. This can also mean going through their portfolio to see the kind of clients they’ve worked with.

2. Do You Have a License and Certification?

Having a license means your contractor is permitted to do the job and has all the skills and knowledge necessary for AC repair. Every state has its licensing criteria, but most of them ensure the contractor is experienced in the field.

Your repair company should also hold an EPA certification for AC repair and any other kind of offered in your state. Both licenses and certifications show that your company of choice excels in their job. If the company is a member of the national trade association, it will be a good indicator that they undergo regular industry training.

3. Do You Have Insurance?

Inquiring about insurance is one of the ac repair questions you should never miss. Having general liability insurance also means your property is covered against damage and third parties. This means you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.

You should also ensure they have workers’ compensation to cover their employees against injuries at work.

4. How Much Do You Charge?

Sometimes it’s hard to compute the cost of ac repairs before viewing the problem. But it’s important that your AC repair company gives you an estimate of the amount, so you’re well prepared. Ask them about their costs and pricing methods and ensure they give you everything in writing.

You must all agree on a budget beforehand, so you don’t end up in squabbles after the work is done. This will also protect you from any additional charges not stated in the initial quotation.

5. What Is Your AC Repair Company Physical Address?

While many businesses operate online these days, working with a contractor with a physical address is an added advantage. Make sure your contractor gives you their physical address and confirm that it’s legit.

A company with a physical address is definitely licensed, certified, and properly insured. This will also mean they have been in business long enough. Stay away from scammers with no physical location and are probably out to hustle your money.

6. Do Your Services Come With a Guarantee?

Even with an experienced contractor working with a team of experts, mistakes still happen. But when you choose to work with a good company, losses for such errors won’t be on you. Ensure you ask your company if they have a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied.

If they have a guarantee, go through their fine print and understand everything. This way, you’ll know when you’re covered and when not. A guarantee also means the contractor has confidence in their work hence giving you peace of mind.

7. What Is Your AC Repair Company Availability?

You want to hire an AC repair company that you can always rely on. In case your AC stops working, you need someone you can access immediately for emergency repairs. Find out how quickly the contractor can send one of their technicians to your home.

Ask whether they’re available 24/7 and if they work on holidays. Do they have emergency services, and can you reach their customer support at any time? It can be a big relief to know that you can rely on your company even outside regular working hours.

8. Can You Show Me Your References?

A contractor that’s proud of the services they offer should not hesitate to show you their previous customers. They should give you a list of references, so you randomly choose a customer to call. The response you get from their references will tell you the type of company you’re working with.

If your contractor is hesitating to give you their contacts, this should be a red flag. They probably have a huge list of unsatisfied customers, or they’re simply scammers. You can also consider checking their online reviews to see what their customers feel about the services they offer.

9. What Should I Do To Avoid Future AC Problems?

While you cannot avoid damages to your HVAC altogether, you need some guidance on how to keep it in good shape. A good contractor is not out there to milk your money by allowing you to make mistakes. They should be willing to give you tips on HVAC maintenance to ensure longevity.

Make sure your AC repair company gives you valuable information on keeping your equipment in good shape. This kind of professionals offer services you can rely on, and you’ll always count on them for any kind of help.

Always Find a Good HVAC Maintenance Company

All these questions are essential before hiring an AC repair company. Even if you get a reference from a friend, you must confirm they’re good enough by asking these questions. You always must have experts work on your equipment and ensure your peace of mind knowing you’re working with professionals.

With a good contractor like Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating Company, you’re assured of excellent services for your HVAC system. Contact us if you need emergency AC repair services and useful maintenance tips to get you going for many years.

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