North Port AC Maintenance: How Often Should You Check On It?

AC Maintenance How Often Should You Check On It

Starting to feel the extremes brought about by climate change?

Your AC unit is a big investment, and both the repair and replacement costs can put you in a financial crisis. That’s why you must focus on maintenance and prevent things from escalating. But if you have no technical expertise, you’ll feel overwhelmed.

Don’t feel hopeless yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn all about AC maintenance and the best time to do it. That way, you can schedule timely repairs and prevent small problems from getting bigger. Read on and find out more:

When is the Best Time for Maintenance?

The best time for you to perform AC unit maintenance is once per year in spring. The reason for this is that the air is warmer, with flowers beginning to blossom once more. The advent of this season makes both homes and humans ready for renovation after a long, cold winter.

This also helps in preparing your property for the shifting of seasons. That’s why you must schedule this task during early or pre-spring. This allows you to undo all the damage and stress caused by the winter without worrying about whether you’ll become too busy.

In spring, you can get your AC maintenance service provider to clean and maintain your AC system. If you want to make the most out of professional services, schedule bi-annual tune-ups during spring and autumn for your HVAC system. The former is the best for the cooling while the latter for the heating.

Why Schedule in Spring?

The warmer weather makes you need your air conditioning more. It’s especially during late spring and summer since you’re likely blasting your AC. It’s also the busiest time for most specialists, meaning they’re in-demand and unlikely to have extra time in their hands.

If you schedule professionals for tune-ups before hitting peak periods, you get a more convenient appointment time. It also makes you feel relieved as you head into warmer temperatures. It’s because you’ll know that your unit is always reliable as summer progresses.

That’s why you must never wait until your AC unit stops working on a hot summer day. You’ll have no idea of how long it takes for service to arrive. It’s always better to be preventative than deal with headaches later on.

Benefits of Maintaining AC Units

Now you know the best time to maintain your AC unit, you’ll feel more motivated to do it. In case you’re still on the fence, here are some advantages you must know about:

1. Reduce Energy Bills

Did you know that American households located in major cities spend almost $1,000 each month on bills? Regardless of your location, you get financial benefits if you ensure your machine functions smoothly.

Always remember that the more you neglect your unit, the more debris build-up it will have. This will cost you more money to fix it later. The worst part is that you might end up replacing your unit when the damage is severe.

If you maintain your AC unit, you’ll reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. This is big because you can use that money to fund other important household expenses.

2. Reduce the Need for Repairs

If professionals help maintain your AC unit, you lessen the risk of getting costly repairs. If you follow the schedule, your unit and wallet won’t suffer from breakdowns in the immediate future. Take note, preventative tune-ups will cost a lot less compared to any repairs associated with HVAC systems.

Also, tune-ups ensure you catch any budding problems before they become extensive. With expert help, you can catch it at its origin. This helps you replace small components before they break down and affect the bigger parts.

3. Extend Your Unit’s Life and Efficiency

With bi-annual tune-ups, your HVAC unit’s lifespan can significantly increase. Take note, the average lifespan of an AC unit is 15 years. This means you’ll get five more years if you put in the effort and call professionals for maintenance.

Otherwise, neglecting to get experts for years means experiencing a major unit breakdown before the unit’s first decade. The worst part is that the lack of maintenance means less efficiency. To improve your system’s efficiency, schedule your checkups regularly.

4. Maintain Warranties

Neglecting to maintain your HVAC system regularly might cause its manufacturer to void its warranties. It’s because they know the importance of routine check-ups. This means going beyond changing filters every month and cleaning your air ducts.

Take note, your HVAC manufacturer might void your warranty if they find out you have an improperly-installed unit. This also applies when your unit has off-brand replacement components or when you chose not to opt for a warranty before. With professional help, you’ll discover these problems and remedy them before they get worse.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality with Reliable Operation

Your comfort depends on your home’s air quality. If you have a dirty air filter, your home gets lots of pollutants, particles, and allergens. This can cause you to feel sick and miserable, especially if the air conditioner starts making loud noises as it malfunctions.

This is easy to avoid with AC unit maintenance since it makes your indoor air quality fresh and clean for longer periods. Depending on your system, you must replace or clean your air filters every 1-3 months.

As said before, nothing is worse than your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a summer day. That’s why you must maintain your AC unit because your comfort is at stake. Don’t risk getting a heat stroke because the experts can’t get in time because of the high demand.

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