North Port AC: A Homeowner’s Guide on Types of HVAC Units

A Homeowner's Guide on Types of HVAC Units

According to Mordor Intelligence, the HVAC service and repair market was valued at 57.8 billion in 2020. This number is expected to triple by 2026. That means your research to find the best types of HVAC units for your home will be one of the smartest investment moves you make this year.

Cool Off With These Different Type of HVAC Units

Deciding on the right types of HVAC units for your residence will be easier once you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each and how they function separately to provide the best value for your money.

Split Systems

Split systems are among the most common types of HVAC units. As the name infers, it has two units that are split from one another. The air conditioning unit is outside the home and contains the condenser and compressor. They use refrigerant, coils, and compressors to cool air, while the fan blows out the hot air.

The heating system is generally in a basement or other storage space within your home and is oftentimes connected to a furnace or heat pump. They are known for being able to keep a majority of your home at your preferred temperature. Their popularity comes from the ability to be applicable for all homes across the board regardless of the environment they are in.

Hybrid Split Systems

Hybrid systems are known to offset energy costs because of their electric hybrid heating systems. Switching between gas power and electricity is their main charm. The flexibility allows you to decide how you want to heat your home at any given moment.

Hybrid systems use the same ducts and thermostats as split systems but boast the option to conserve more energy and cut down on your utility bills.

Duct-Free Systems

Duct-free systems are unique because they are installed as individual units within your rooms. This enables more independent control over each respective system. They are perfect for new room additions or garages.

The energy conservation provided is excellent, as you don’t have to worry about empty rooms being heated or cooled when they aren’t in use. The main con of this system is that they have hefty upfront costs and can be an eyesore for some homeowners.

Packaged Heating and Air Systems

If you have a smaller home, a packaged heating and cooling system may be for you. These units are generally kept in an attic or top-floor storage space because of their smaller size. This compact size allows for easy maintenance and efficiency.

These packaged heating and cooling units often come electrically heat generated. The advantage is that they have other unit options of the same type that combine gas and electricity, similar to that of hybrid split systems.

AC Maintenance and Repair

Like our bodies, our HVAC units will become rundown without proper care. Regular maintenance on your systems means you won’t have to worry the next time an extreme heatwave or cold front comes through.

Get an HVAC System You Can Count On

You deserve a home that provides you optimal comfort. Many different types of HVAC units are available on the market. This quick guide is guaranteed to assist you in making the right choice on the types of HVAC units that will fit perfectly in your home.

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