North Port, FL: Top 5 Signs it’s Time for AC Unit Repairs

Top 5 Signs it's Time for AC Unit Repairs

An HVAC unit can cost an average of $7,000 to replace. By keeping on top of maintenance, you can make your unit run efficiently and last longer. Unfortunately, over time many AC units develop problems that necessitate repairs.

Many common AC issues give signs that can tell you they are occurring. If you watch out for these, you can have an easier time fixing AC units. Here are the top five signs that it is time for AC unit repairs.

1. Inconsistent Air Temperature

A few different issues can cause inconsistent air temperatures. First, make sure your air filter is clean and airflow seems to be good. If so, the problem may be due to the refrigeration. You might also hear an accompanying hissing noise.

Many times a refrigerant leak causes this problem. This could be an easy issue to fix depending on where the leak is. However, a technician can make sure it is not a sign of a larger problem.

2. Unusual Noises

It’s common for an AC unit to make a humming noise when it is turned on. But, if your unit is making loud and unusual noises, it can indicate an internal problem. One of the most common causes is a loose belt.

Left unfixed, these types of problems can get worse. You can protect your AC repair budget by getting it repaired before it results in more severe issues with other components.

3. Lukewarm or Warm Air

You should contact your HVAC company if your AC unit is blowing lukewarm or warm air. There are a few issues that can cause this, but a technician can find the reason and repair it.

Sometimes, the refrigerant is low and just needs to be replaced. Other times, this issue can be caused by a broken compressor so the unit cannot cool the air. Finally, if only a little air is blowing, it may indicate the motor is damaged.

4. Strong Odors

Air conditioning units should not emit any odors. Because of this, any strong odors indicate that you might need a repair. A strong burning smell may mean wires are burning inside the unit. These wires could cause a shortage and can damage the entire unit.

Musty smells also mean a problem. Mold may be growing inside the unit or your ducts. Mold doesn’t harm your unit but can cause health issues for you and your loved ones.

5. Leaks around the Unit

Leaking around your outdoor AC unit may indicate a serious problem. Refrigerant is poisonous to people and animals, and your leak could be due to refrigerant. If you see a leak, you should call an AC repair service immediately.

Sometimes, your AC unit might leak water. This is still a serious concern, as it could indicate that a tube is broken or blocked. Usually, these tubes should direct condensation away from the unit, so leaking water indicates this is not happening.

Pay Attention to the Signs for AC Unit Repairs

Your AC unit may give you warning signs that it needs repairs. By catching these signs early you can take care of your AC unit repairs and prevent any further damage while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

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