North Port AC: 6 Things You May Not Know About AC Repair

6 Things You May Not Know About AC Repair

With more than 87% of U.S. households using air conditioning equipment, you’d probably imagine that the country is highly knowledgeable on matters relating to AC. Yet, AC repair is one of the concepts that people haven’t comprehended well. The mechanical aspect of air conditioning repair is what discourages one from understanding more about ACs.

Are you wondering if there are things you don’t know about AC repair? Well, you might probably be new to a host of new information! Keep reading to learn some of the things about AC repair that you probably didn’t know.

1. You Need to Have Clean Air Filters for Efficiency of Airflow

Air filters are responsible for air quality within a room. They determine efficiency and airflow. With continued use, these filters can accumulate dirt, which ultimately affects their functionality.

Neglecting your AC unit filter will make your AC breakdown prematurely. A dirty AC prompts the system to work twice as hard to clean the air. You’ll notice a surge in your utility bills.

Instead of waiting for high bills to indicate there’s a problem, clean your air filters often. You can also change the filters regularly for efficient air filtration. It would help to check the minimum efficiency reporting value for the filters to ensure that you’re getting the best there is.

Some AC repair needs are due to problems resulting from clogged air filters. If you have pets, you might have to change the air filters every month. You’ll save yourself from having a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

2. Your Thermostat Settings Can Be a Culprit

Did you know that your thermostat settings can make your AC unit to function dismally? The outdoor temperature and indoor air settings shouldn’t have a difference of more than 20 degrees. If it happens to have more, you will be overworking your air conditioning unit.

Within no time, you’ll be dealing with performance issues. It is essential to set your thermostat the right way while ensuring that your AC system has enough time to adjust.

A programmable thermostat will provide customizable and seamless comfort. With this thermostat, the setting will depend on the season, and you can have it mastering the routine for automatic changes. Ensure that you have a program for warm and cold months for maximum efficiency.

3. Fire Hazards With AC

Most people don’t know that AC units can cause a fire hazard. In a 2016 study, the National Fire Protection Association reported that air conditioners caused an average of 140 injuries, 20 deaths, and property damage resulting in $82 million in losses.

Rising temperatures are often responsible as they strain the AC. With improper AC maintenance, a fire risk can’t be a surprise. Overheated and overworked air conditioning units can cause a fire.

The safety measures to take to prevent fire problems include ensuring that you have enough power supply to your unit and proper maintenance. You might also want to avoid using power strips or extension cords as they can overheat.

4. Importance of Regular Maintenance

If you search for ‘AC repair near me,’ you’ll get endless options of AC technicians in Venice. It is crucial to have an HVAC professional to come to check your system, at least twice every year. The maintenance will ensure the longevity and safety of your system.

Get an expert to check your unit for heating during fall and air conditioning during spring. Don’t wait to call an HVAC professional when your system has already broken down.

A qualified AC repair technician can identify issues before they escalate. You might save yourself the cost of replacing an entire unit. Professional maintenance can have your AC running well for up to 20 years!

5. Closing Your Vents Is Harmful to Your AC

In a quest to cut down cooling costs, some people close the vents. Unfortunately, the benefit is short-lived as closing the vent will often lead to a strained HVAC system. Closed vents cut the airflow to a room, but they don’t redirect this air elsewhere.

Your AC unit will be under stress, which can make it malfunction over time. You’ll save some few dollars in utility bills and end up spending a significant amount on AC repair or replacement. If you have been closing your vents, you need to stop for the sake of your HVAC system functionality.

It’s crucial to know how to clean and maintain air vents to have them performing well all through the year. Clean air vents will ensure that your home is having quality air and the bills aren’t skyrocketing. This solution is a cheaper way of maintaining your AC system.

6. Health Problems

You need to know the health problems associated with air conditioning repair to help you remain safe. Poorly maintained and outdated air conditioning units lead to several health conditions besides spreading some illnesses.

If there’s dust buildup or visible mold growth, consider cleaning the air ducts. Mold tends to develop during summer as the condensation resulting from constant running is a culprit. Leaving it dormant can facilitate its spreading during winter, which might affect your respiration in the long-term.

Check on your air conditioner if you had recent renovations. It’s not surprising to have ductwork clogged by debris. Changing your filters and other basic maintenance practices can allow your AC units to have air flowing in the best capacity.

Dirty filters invite irritants and allergens in your home. Your family will be at risk of several health issues in this scenario. Annual air conditioning maintenance by a professional is one of the best ways to address the risk.

AC Repair Is a Topic You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Homeowners with air conditioning units need adequate information to get the best out of their systems. However, most don’t understand the mechanical bit of AC repair. If you’re in that category, the information about air conditioning repair will guide you into the safe and optimal use of AC units.

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