Venice AC: How to Easily Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Air Vents

How to Easily Clean and Maintain Your Home's Air Vents

Is the air in your home that you and your family breathe clean?

It may not be if you haven’t cleaned your air vents in a while. The air vents in your home are often overlooked when it comes time to perform household cleaning tasks. However, they’re essential to the health and well being of you and your family because you all breathe the air that flows from each of your vents.

That means, whatever may be flowing through your vents is also what you happen to be breathing. Think about that for a minute.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the importance of having clean air vents in your home, and how to handle the task yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Vents

It’s more than necessary to keep the air vents and ducts in your home clean. After all, they provide the incredibly important function of circulating the air throughout your entire home. That same air that circulates throughout your ducts multiple times per day is also the same air that you and your family breathe.

So, it’s safe to say that you want to keep that air clean. Air duct cleaning involves removing the build-up of dust, debris, and other contaminants that accumulate over time. If you allow all of these things to move into the air you breathe, it can greatly impact your health.

The benefits of scheduling regular cleanings of your house vents include:

  • It reduces the amount of dust and debris that circulate through your home and land on furniture, clothing, bedding, and flooring. In turn, it cuts down on the amount of interior cleaning and dusting that you’ll have to do.
  • It reduces the number of allergens, irritants, and other microorganisms that can cause harm. Namely, pet dander, pollen, mildew, mold spores, bacteria, pathogens, and other toxins floating around in your air.
  • It removes unpleasant odors. Every time your air conditioning or furnace is running, it picks up and circulates odors from your pets, cleaning products, paint fumes, cigarette or cigar smoke, and the aromas from cooking. Over time, these odors become trapped along with dust, creating a musty smell.
  • It improves airflow. The accumulation of dust, debris, and grime can restrict the airflow through your house vents. When this happens, your HVAC system has to work harder to cool or heat your home, which results in inefficient airflow.
  • It allows everyone to breathe easier. Even those who don’t suffer from respiratory issues or seasonal allergies are still affected by the dust and pollutants that get trapped in the nasal cavity and lungs. Cleaner air means less congestion and an easier time breathing in general.

Having dirty air re-circulating through your home each day can have a tremendous impact on family members who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), you should have your air vents and ducts cleaned every three to five years.

How to Clean Your Air Vents

Three to five years may seem like a long in-between-period to allow dust, debris, and other contaminants to build up. That’s why many homeowners opt to do the job themselves during those in-between times. It’s especially important to keep clean air vents when you have pets in the house as they shed often and their hair and danders can accumulate more frequently.

Cleaning your air vents won’t be the most simple task on your list, but it’s also not the most difficult. All it takes is a little finesse and elbow grease. The first thing you’ll need are the right tools for the job, which include:

  • A heavy-duty vacuum with a long hose
  • A screwdriver
  • A broom
  • A cleaning brush with stiff bristles
  • Cleaning cloths or paper towels
  • A dust mask
  • A ladder

If your vents are really dirty or have mold, you may need more heavy-duty cleaning products such as an all-purpose cleaner or bleach.

Steps For Cleaning Your Air Vents:

Cleaning your air vents is a much simpler task. Be sure to wear a dust mask so any built-up dust and debris won’t fall into your eyes when it comes loose. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Turn off the power to your HVAC system

Step 2: Unscrew the air duct covers from the walls. Use your stiff-bristle cleaning brush to clean any dust or grime build-up.

Step 3: Using your heavy-duty vacuum with the long hose, vacuum the inside of the ducts as much as possible. It’s crucial that you get into the crevices as much as possible to get rid of any mildew or mold that has been growing inside.

Step 4: Clean the grilles in your ceiling using your broom, or by using your bristle-brush or cloths if you have a ladder that allows you to reach. Remember, if you haven’t cleaned your air vents or ducts in a long time, there may be a lot of dust and debris and that comes loose.

Step 5: Once everything is wiped clean and dried, replace the air duct covers and screw them back into the wall. Then, turn your HVAC system back on and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

Once you begin to routinely clean your air vents, you won’t have to deal with as much dust and debris each time. It’s also possible to do your own ac duct cleaning. However, it’s a much more involved process that’s better left up to a professional.

Clean Air is Essential

It’s important to keep the air quality within your home as best and clean as possible. It’s especially important if you have people in your family that suffer from year-round allergies or other respiratory issues. Dirty air can cause so many unwanted and unnecessary health issues, all which can be avoided by simply keeping your air vents dust and debris-free.

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