5 Common AC Problems and How Englewood AC Company Can Help

5 Common AC Problems and How Englewood AC Company Can Help

Air conditioning may seem like a strictly modern invention, but there are instances of it going back thousands of years. Take, for example, the Iranian windcatchers. These were a no-electricity cooling system solution dating back 3,000 years.

As incredible as the windcatchers are, they only succeeded in lowering the temperature by about 12 degrees. Your Englewood A/C can do a much better job on those hot days. Yet as you decide which types of A/Cs to choose from, you may find yourself at an impasse: mini-split vs. window unit systems.

Which one should you have your Englewood A/C company install? Let’s take a closer look at these options for cooling your home.

Mini-Split vs. Window Unit: What's the Difference?

Both a mini-split and a window type use the same modern air conditioning technology to cool your home. You see it at work in the many other types of A/Cs.

That said, these are very different units with their own unique advantages. Let’s compare them.

Mini-Split A/C Options

Air conditioning is ideal for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, which is why almost 90% of American homes have it. As they’re complex systems, however, various things can go wrong with them.

If you want to maintain a steady temperature, it’s important to deal with AC issues as they come up. A professional Englewood AC company can assist with this through repairs and maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that an Englewood AC company can help with.

1. AC Running Constantly

During the warmer months, you’re likely to use your AC unit more. Still, you should turn it off occasionally.

Sometimes, you may be unable to shut your AC system off. This can damage some of the components and result in very high energy bills.

It can happen because of a problem with the thermostat, air filters, compressors, or something else. If turning off the thermostat doesn’t fix the issue, you should call an Englewood AC repair company to determine what the problem is and resolve it.

2. AC Not Turning On

Your AC not turning on could be a major issue, especially in the summer. This may simply be because a circuit breaker is tripped, so you may be able to sort this out yourself.

Other causes can include loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. For these, you’ll want to contact an Englewood AC repair company.

3. No Cool Air Flowing

If your AC unit isn’t putting out cold air, it won’t be much use, and this is a fairly common problem. Note that (sometimes) it may sound like it’s running but not blowing out any air at all.

In most cases, this is due to a tripped circuit breaker. It may, however, be because the blower belt is worn down or refrigerant levels are low.

You should be able to deal with a tripped breaker on your own. For other causes, you’ll need the help of an Englewood AC maintenance professional.

4. Hot Air Blowing Out

The last thing you need when it’s hot is for your AC unit to be making things hotter. This can happen if the air filter is dirty, the ducts are obstructed, or debris is making the compressor overheat.

You should replace filters regularly (ideally once every few months) to prevent issues. If you replace the filter and it’s still blowing hot air, you should get a professional Englewood AC technician to take a look.

5. Refrigerant or Water Leaking

Leaks aren’t always easy to detect, but you may notice brightly colored stains near your AC unit when this happens. Some condensation is normal, but excessive moisture can be a sign of a leak.

If you think your unit is leaking, you should turn it off and contact a professional immediately. Running it in this state can cause a lot more damage, so it’s best to deal with this quickly.

Hiring an Englewood AC Company

If you have any issues with your AC unit, you may want to contact a professional Englewood AC company. You can deal with some small issues yourself, but for anything major, you should only have a trained professional work on it.

Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating offers AC installation, repair, and maintenance, and can even provide same-day repairs when needed. Get your free quote for Englewood AC repair today.

Window Unit Options

A window unit is as the name implies: an A/C that rests on your windowsill. They are easy and cheap to install. You won’t need to drill through the walls or mount a heavy compressor outside.

They don’t need extra wiring, either. They often only require a standard wall plug to power them.

You can still use them as you would a traditional A/C system by adjusting them via remote or thermostat. However, they only cool a single room. Further, they are the least energy-efficient options; only portable A/Cs have worse efficiency.

Which Should You Choose as Your Englewood A/C?

In most cases, we recommend installing a mini-split A/C if you can afford the extra cost and installation fees. It’s far more efficient, saving you a ton of money over its lifespan. Plus, it won’t take away the view from one of your windows.

That said, window unit options are beneficial for rooms that don’t use A/C very often. Since they are cheaper and easier to install, they are easier to remove too. You can bring them with you when you move to a new house without having to rip out any pipes or leave a hole in the wall.

Find Englewood A/C Repair

Mini-split vs. window unit: which one is best for you? A mini-split has superior energy efficiency and doesn’t leave an ugly unit hanging out of the window. Window types, however, are affordable options for single rooms that require only occasional cooling.

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