5 Signs of a Quality Venice AC Company

5 Signs of a Quality Venice AC Company

Air conditioning is one area where the saying “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself” doesn’t apply.

The machines have so many moving parts that they’ll look like an alien spacecraft when you open them up. It’s also a major safety risk.

That doesn’t mean that everyone who says they can help with your AC is a qualified professional. Their results can be just as bad or worse as if you’d tried to fix the issue yourself.

Read on to learn five signs of a quality Venice AC company.

1. License

All HVAC companies in Florida need to be licensed, but they have several options for which ones to earn.

State Certified Class A licenses allow for AC maintenance and repair anywhere in Florida. Class B licenses are similar but restrict what type of heating and cooling systems they can work on.

Professional Level and Master Specialist Level Certifications are available in Florida with more years of experience. The NATE or North American Technician Excellence Certification is recognized nationwide.

Look for AC repair services that have held the highest quality license possible for the longest time.

2. Experience

A quality AC company has been in the game for a long time. They should know the basics but also be familiar with new trends such as smart thermostats and geothermal and ductless options.

The quality of their experience also matters. A long record of leaving clients with a functioning AC system isn’t enough. Clients should say that they helped while being friendly, charging fair rates, and finishing quickly.

3. Reputation and Reviews

A local Venice AC company will have a positive standing in the community. Ask about them around town and expect to hear about how they’ve helped your friends and neighbors.

91% of customers read online reviews. 84% trust them as much as recommendations from family or friends.

Use various websites, including the service provider’s own, for reviews. See how many of them are positive and focus on what they said made the company so great.

4. Customer Service

Caring for your air conditioner increases the life of the system, makes it more energy efficient, and improves your home’s air quality. This requires regular repairs and preventative maintenance.

Quality customer service makes sure you get this help when you need it. They should also explain their process and respect your home while they work.

5. Pricing

The more thorough an estimate from a local AC contractor is, the better. Be wary if they don’t give you all the details or won’t answer your questions.

A quality company also won’t give you estimates over the phone before seeing the system. They may be inexperienced or trying to get an unreasonably high rate out of you.

You may regret choosing the cheapest option when you see the quality of their work. You’ll have to pay more to fix their mistakes later.

Consider all the factors when deciding what’s a fair estimate. Is their experience, reputation, and customer service worth the price?

Which Venice AC Company Should I Choose?

Certain characteristics set an AC service company apart. They should be licensed and experienced with a positive reputation, quality customer service, and fair prices.
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