Sarasota AC: How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Breaking the Bank

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Breaking the Bank

Average annual AC running costs are $1,178 and $320 for central and window units, respectively. Spending over one grand for your comfort can add up quickly when running a Sarasota AC.

Many parts of Florida rarely see cold weather, so an AC unit often runs year-round. It makes sense that people would want to find ways to save money where they can.

Below are a few practical ways to keep your home cool without spending too much on the AC system.

Close Your Blinds and Curtains

Natural sunlight is warm and can brighten easily brighten up any space. It’s also a contributing factor in why Florida is so hot. The state is the tenth sunniest in the US, so there’s a lot of solar heat keeping things warm.

Shut your blinds and curtains to reduce trapping too much heat inside when you’re not home or occupying a room. Blackout curtains are a worthwhile investment because they block light and insulate the room from the sun.

Cook Outdoors or Later in the Day

Your oven can’t warm your whole house, but it will expel enough hot air to heat your kitchen. A trick to reducing rising kitchen temperatures is cooking outside.

Sarasota weather is warm enough for comfortable outdoor dining, and you have the perk of a cool house.

If you don’t want to cook outside, use the oven later during the day when there is less outdoor heat. Or you can pre-plan crockpot and microwave meals to avoid oven use.

Open Your Windows

Opening the windows on both ends of your house allows outside air to enter your home and spread it throughout the residence. This is called cross-ventilation and can help lower indoor temperatures.

Positioning fans near open windows helps create wind tunnels to suck in more air. Try this at night when temperatures are lower for maximum effect.

Practice Good AC Maintenance

You likely can’t avoid AC running costs in Sarasota, FL. It’s often too hot to keep your air conditioner off for too long. Maintenance work, like cleaning filters, can increase AC efficiency and keep it running with less effort.

The less energy your HVAC unit needs to operate means reduced electrical bills. While this doesn’t necessarily lower standard operating costs, it can save you from needlessly spending money.

HVAC upkeep also lowers how often you need AC repairs. New filters cost money, but fixing a damaged air conditioner is even more costly.

Save Money on Your Sarasota AC

Cheaply beating Florida heat isn’t easy, but there are methods you can use to help reduce how much you spend on your Sarasota AC. Hopefully, we’ve provided some helpful tips to reduce AC running costs.

There is another way you can save money, though. Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating offers AC maintenance, cleaning, and repair services so your HVAC unit operates smoothly.

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