Venice AC: Ducted Air Conditioning vs. Split System: Which Is Best for Your Home?

ducted air conditioning

The US uses more air conditioning than any other country, accounting for 23% of the global total. 90% of the country’s homes have an air conditioner.

You may have a unit in your house, but have you ever thought about what type it is? Have you considered how this could influence your energy bills and the comfort of your home?

Read on to learn the differences between split system and ducted air conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioner is completely concealed except for the vents. Most are hidden in the roof or outside. Cool air gets directed to multiple rooms or zones in the home via concealed ducting.


Ducted air conditioning units are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. They’re so quiet and concealed that you won’t think about them until you need an AC repair or replacement.

They’re also efficient. Lower operating costs mean lower energy bills. That’s a major benefit when the average cost has gone up to $137 per month.

You can also get more specialized options. Make them zoned to only cool specialized areas or reserved to eliminate the need for separate heating.


Ducted AC installation requires space for their ducts. Certain homes may not have enough room.

The installation is expensive and time-consuming. It’s more of a long-term investment in cooling your home.

Split Systems

A split system AC puts the condenser unit outside the home. It’s typically set on an external wall.

The rest is called the head unit. It goes on an interior wall or the floor and blows cool air into the room.


Split systems are cheaper to run and install. You can add or remove them depending on your budget.

They work in small living spaces such as apartments or multi-story homes. They can fit where a ducted system can’t.

A split system is easier to zone. You can use a thermostat to control exactly how much they alter the temperature and in which rooms.


A split system isn’t as aesthetically appealing or quiet as a ducted system. You may feel the need to spend extra money buying plants or screens to hide the outside unit. The inside components may limit your ability to decorate.

Split systems effectively cool a single room but not an entire house. You may need to buy more than one, but that means more noise, money, and space.

Choosing an AC Unit

Which one best fits your budget and the size of your home? Split systems are cheaper to install, but a ducted system is a wiser investment for a larger home.

How long do you want to stay in your home? A ductless system is often more attractive for future buyers and a better investment if you plan to stay.

Choosing a Venice AC Company

Most American homes have an air conditioning system. Ducted systems have a high upfront investment but are quiet and efficient. Split systems are more conspicuous but can cool single rooms and fit in smaller areas.

Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating is a full-service HVAC company focused on consistent quality. Contact us today for AC maintenance, repair, or installation.

Easier Scheduling

When you have a dead air conditioner, there’s no way you want to wait around longer than necessary for it to be fixed.

Working with a local AC company means you’ll have a much easier time scheduling. You’re not going through a third-party central scheduling group. You’ll be talking directly to the team.

Whether you’re hearing unusual noises from your unit or the fuse keeps blowing, you’ll be on the schedule quickly.

Quick Repair Time

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an HVAC system, you need a team that’s going to respond quickly. Not only do you want them to your home as fast as possible. You also want them to get working quickly as well.

A local team is designed to do just that. They understand the most common AC problems in the area and will focus on those first. Often, there are fewer hoops for the repair technician to jump through than a larger company. So they can get you relief much quicker.

Opportunity for Education

Since a local AC company has a little bit more flexibility, they can take the time to give you more education.

This is especially helpful when you have a dead air conditioner and are looking at replacing it. They can help walk you through your options to see what would work best in your home. Their expertise is invaluable in those situations.

Trusted Reputation

Nothing is worse than paying to get a problem fixed and that not happening. It’s frustrating and disheartening to not be able to trust those who are working in your home.

When you work with a local AC repair team, you can count on their trusted reputation. You can rely on the opinions of your neighbors and friends about the company. Their experiences show who the company is and what they’re about.

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