North Port, FL: 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an AC Maintenance Service

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an AC Maintenance Service

The most efficient AC units use up to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as ACs made in the mid-1970s. Whether you have an old unit or a newer model, consider regular AC maintenance. Routine maintenance can ensure the longevity of your unit.

Not sure which AC maintenance service to choose? Here are five questions to ask an AC company first.

Asking these questions can help you vet your options. You can find a team with the experience and expertise you need to maintain your unit.

Start searching by asking these five simple questions today!

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

First, ask each AC maintenance service team how long they’ve been in business. Find a team with years of AC maintenance experience. These teams will have an easier time answering your questions.

You can also visit the company’s Better Business Bureau listing or website to learn about their professional history.

Ask who will arrive to work on your unit, too. Make sure they have AC experience relevant to your needs. For example, you can ask if they have experience with your make and model.

2. Are You Licensed?

Ask each company on your list for proof they’re licensed. Take the time to find a certified AC maintenance service in your area.

Otherwise, they could void the manufacturer’s warranty on your unit.

Ask the team if they have insurance, too. If there’s an accident, their insurance will handle it.

3. What Other Services Do You Offer?

Take the time to consider the other services each company offers.

For example, you might need preventative maintenance services. Regular AC maintenance could push your unit’s lifespan to over 15 years.

You might also need new AC installation, repair services, or duct cleaning.

Make sure the company offers a number of services. You can rely on one team for all your AC maintenance service needs.

4. Can You Provide References?

Ask each company if they can provide a list of references. Otherwise, check online for client reviews. Reading online reviews will help you learn more about each company.

Look for comments about the team’s professionalism and reliability.

5. How Much Will This Cost?

Gather quotes from at least three different AC specialists on your list. Consider your AC maintenance budget. Requesting quotes from multiple companies in the area can help you gauge the average cost for services.

Don’t choose the cheapest AC specialist on your list. Instead, choose a team with experience and expertise. Their high-quality services will keep your unit from breaking down.

They could benefit your AC maintenance budget in the long run.

Clear the Air: 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an AC Maintenance Service

Don’t hire the first AC maintenance service team you call. Instead, ask these questions while vetting your options. Asking these questions will help you find a reliable, experienced team.

They’ll ensure the longevity of your unit.

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