HVAC Maintenance in Englewood: Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

HVAC Maintenance in Sarasota Should I Repair or Replace My AC

Summers in Sarasota are notoriously hot and muggy. Every resident needs a reliable HVAC air conditioner to stay cool.

Staying cool may seem like the most important part of owning a dependable Sarasota AC, but there’s so much more.

Muggy summer weather invites humidity problems into the home, resulting in indoor air pollutants and mold if you don’t have a quality AC that dehumidifies the air. This problem can lead to debilitating headaches, respiratory problems, mental health issues, fatigue, and costly home improvement repairs.

These points beg the question: should you repair or replace your AC when problems arise?

Your Sarasota HVAC maintenance guide is here to help!

Keep these tips handy as you brace for intense summer weather.

Watch for Signs of Minor AC Repair

Sarasota HVAC systems can last anywhere between 10 to 25 years, depending on the type, model, and level of care it receives.

If your AC is surviving well within its lifespan, start looking for signs of possible minor repair.

Since you haven’t used your air conditioner in a while, your first step is to power it on and watch for any strange sounds and odors emitting from the system.

It’s not unusual to smell (or feel) dust and debris blowing out of the air vents. That means your AC needs a proper air duct cleaning and possible filter replacement. Book an air duct cleaning as quickly as possible to get your Sarasota air conditioner ready for summer.

Another sign to watch is obstructed airflow. This problem may also be rectified with a simple air duct cleaning. Remember that unclean air ducts also attract harmful bacteria and fungi which also affects the health and safety of your household.

Thermostat problems typically necessitate repairs and not complete replacements.

If your thermostat temperature doesn’t make sense for your home’s actual temperature, you’ll need to repair or replace it before summer hits. This will help you avoid AC short cycling.

Sarasota HVAC Maintenance: Deciphering Odors

Are you sensing strange odors in the home?

After ruling out dust from months of unuse, check to see if the AC unit has any broken parts. A burning smell may indicate system overheating, broken fan motors, and damaged electrical wiring. If you do have a wiring issue, you’ll need to call an HVAC technician as HVAC wiring is much different than general home wiring.

Are you smelling a concerning rotten egg odor?

You may have a potential HVAC gas leak on your hands. If this is the case, call Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating right away.

Turn off your system’s gas supply as quickly as possible as you wait for your AC technician to arrive. Your tech may be able to repair the problem or you may need to replace your AC instead. Either way, don’t wait to get this problem fixed.

Potential gas leaks also speak to the importance of investing in regular Sarasota HVAC maintenance.

Another odor to watch out for is exhaust fumes. This smell means you likely have a refrigerant leak. A tech may need to replace the refrigerant line or replace your Sarasota AC if there’s too much damage.

Keep this Sarasota AC Guide for Summer

Don’t enter summer with a malfunctioning AC. Start investing in regular Sarasota HVAC maintenance before hot, muggy weather takes over your area.

Watch for signs of AC repair and replacement to ensure you stay cool, safe, and healthy all summer long.

Discover more tips in our blog, or contact us today to get your Sarasota AC ready for summer.

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