North Port AC How to Quiet a Loud Air Conditioner: The Basics Explained

How to Quiet a Loud Air Conditioner The Basics Explained

Even in seasons other than summer, you’d think you were in a sauna when standing outside with your eye closed! Your poor air conditioner was chugging along, but it’s not going to make it much longer.

The weather seems to get hotter each passing year in Florida. The summer high temperature jumped a whopping 3.5 degrees from 2019 to 2020!

But did you know that you don’t need to settle for the old-fashioned air conditioning unit anymore? Keep reading to learn why many Floridians keep replacing their old AC units with a split ac model before you melt in the summer heat.

What Is a Split AC Unit and How Does It Work?

A split air conditioning system, or ductless ac system, is a new style of air conditioner that comes in 2 main components. There is an outdoor condenser part that forces refrigerant inside the home through lines leading to the indoor part of the unit. The indoor unit has an air-handler, a blower, and an evaporator coil.

These little units pack a punch though! They’re super energy efficient and improve the quality of the air inside your home.

You can place the indoor unit where you need them the most by installing them onto a wall or even the ceiling! You can have a single room unit that only connects one indoor unit. Or you could opt for a multi-room unit that allows you to run several indoor units using one outdoor condenser.

Also, note that you will need to install a heat pump as well so the unit can reverse the flow of heat to warm your home as well. Make sure to look for a company that offers ductless ac services because they can make sure you’re getting everything you want out of your system.

What Does It Cost?

Any homeowner who has had to replace their air conditioner years ago knows that buying and paying to install a new air conditioner punches you right in the wallet. Recent surveys found that homeowners spend about $2,800 to over $7000 for a traditional air conditioning unit. Installations fees would drive that price tag even higher!

Because a mini split air conditioner comes in a compact package and minimal installation work, you can expect to spend much less. For a ductless air conditioner, you can get away with spending between $3000 and $5000 including installation!


Life Is Much Sweeter When You Keep Your Cool

With this new central air conditioning technology, people can keep their homes cool in a more efficient way and with a much lower price tag. It’s no wonder why so many people are making the switch when it comes time to replace their old systems.

If you notice you’re air conditioner struggling to keep up with the oppressive Florida heat, you should call in a professional to take a look. Don’t wait until your system dies and you need to call an emergency HVAC professional and pay premium fees!`

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about split ac systems. If you have any questions about this article, or if you’re in need of AC services in the North Port, Wellen Park, Venice, West Villages, Nokomis, or Sarasota areas, contact us today!

Are you having problems with a loud air conditioner?

With summer fast approaching, you’ll want to make sure everything is well as you prepare cooling measures to combat the heat. Among these, the standard air conditioner stands as the best way to help households keep cool throughout the months.

However, a noisy air conditioner means you’re cooled off, but at the cost of peace and serenity in your home. You need not worry, though, as there are different ways for you to solve this problem. Read what’s below to learn how to make these air conditioner noises disappear.

1. Use Sound Blankets

You can decrease the air conditioner noises by installing a sound blanket or sound curtain where the AC unit is. The blanket will absorb the bulk of the noise from the AC unit, keeping it to the minimum. With the noise reduced, this will prevent hindrances created by the unit.

However, this is only a good short-term solution. You’ll need to tackle the problem eventually, as it can mean something’s wrong with the unit. Tackling it also helps prevent further damage to your unit.

2. Patch Leaky Ducts

Whistling and whining are among the most common AC noises we hear. When this happens, it could mean your unit has leaky ducts, clogged filters, or slow fan speeds. This will result in slow air pressure and speed, creating the high-pitched noise you hear.

Patching the leaky ducts will resolve the problem and return the normal air pressure. Take care when doing this, though. Leaky ducts can mean freon poisoning, which can affect you and everyone else in the household.

3. Do Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help prevent you from having a loud AC unit. AC units have a lot of small moving parts, which can become loose over time. Maintaining them ensures they don’t create different noises as you use them.

Apply oil lubrication to the motor parts to stop the humming noises. Tighten loose screws to stop vibration and grinding noises. It also prevents screws from falling off, causing rattling noises.

Doing this also extends the longevity of the unit. Making sure everything is in working order keeps the unit functional.

4. Clean Air Ducts

Over time, dust will build up in the air vents and ducts of your AC unit. This reduces the efficiency of your unit and will cause it to produce random noises. Cleaning or replacing the air filters will resolve this and restores the performance of your air conditioner.

Doing this also gets rid of any pollutant, like accumulated dust, that’s stuck on your unit. It’s a great way to improve the air quality of your house.

A loud air conditioner means there’s a problem with your unit. Tackling the problem and resolving it is a great way to quieten your air conditioner. Use the guide above for different ways to reduce and get rid of the noise today!

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