Englewood, FL AC Troubleshooting: Why Is My AC Unit Not Blowing Cold Air?

Englewood, FL AC Troubleshooting Why Is My AC Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

Florida is the fourth most populous state. However, it probably couldn’t have become that without the invention of the air conditioning system. People like hot weather, but they tend to experience health conditions when the weather gets too hot.

Therefore, if your AC is not working, things could get dangerous fast. An AC unit not blowing cold air is one of the most dangerous malfunctions.

Read on to learn some reasons why an AC won’t cool and how to fix it.

AC Thermostat Problems

Usually, you set an AC system to a certain temperature you want it to maintain. Your AC is capable of maintaining this temperature due to its thermostat. When an AC thermostat senses that the temperature has drifted outside what is wanted, the AC will turn on.

This won’t happen if your thermostat breaks. After this happens, your thermostat will give the AC system the wrong information. You’ll find that your AC is blowing hot air or not turning on at all.

Check if you’ve set your thermostat correctly first. If so, see if replacing the batteries fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, contact an AC technician service.

Dirty AC Filters

Your AC system’s filters are responsible for trapping air pollutants. They can trap dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. However, when they become filled with these materials, your AC unit may start to have issues.

AC units can’t easily push cool air through a whole bunch of filter gunk. They may have to work harder to get the air through. The air that comes through can become hot.

To fix this issue, you need to change the filters in your unit. Locate your AC unit’s filter, find out which filter type you need, order a new one, and replace the filter.

Refrigerant Leak

Have you checked and/or fixed any other AC unit issues and found that your AC is still blowing hot air? If so, you’re probably dealing with an internal issue. One of these could be a refrigerant leak.

You can easily spot this if you see a pool of liquid under your AC. If you can’t see this, you may hear a dripping sound coming from the interior of your AC unit. This could be refrigerant.

If your AC unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it will be unable to cool your home properly. If you have a refrigerant leak, hire an AC technician to fix it. They can also refill your AC unit with refrigerant liquid when they’re done.

AC Unit Not Blowing Cold Air: We’ll Help

Is your AC unit not blowing cold air? You could be dealing with a simple problem that has a simple fix. If not, an AC technician should be able to fix the issue quickly.

If you live in Englewood, FL, we can fix your AC unit. We’re an Englewood AC company with some of the most skilled technicians in the area. If you need an Englewood AC repair, we can help.

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