Englewood, FL, AC Services: What Does an Air Conditioner Warranty Cover?

Englewood, FL, AC Services What Does an Air Conditioner Warranty Cover

Did you know that not changing your filter could potentially destroy your HVAC system? It becomes difficult for your air conditioner to pump air through your home. The unit works harder and harder until it breaks.

Now you might wonder why we bring this up. Your air conditioner warranty will not cover damages from a filthy filter – but we’ll cover that in greater detail later.

There are certain things your HVAC warranty will not cover. This article will talk about what warranties are, what they’ll cover, and what they will not.

What Is an Air Conditioner Warranty?

An air conditioner warranty is a written guarantee from the unit manufacturer that they’ll fix or replace the product within a specified period. These guarantees are also called manufactures warranties.

Another way to look at these agreements is as promises. The maker of your HVAC unit will pay for HVAC equipment replacement. Keep in mind this promise only covers equipment, not labor.

Manufacture Warranty vs. Labor Warranty

There are labor warranties that come from your HVAC installer. However, these are separate from your manufacturer’s HVAC warranties as they cover labor costs, service charges, and associated fees.

Here’s a good example: the air conditioner warranty will pay for a new condenser. Your labor warranty covers the technician’s work and installation fees.

How Long Does a Warranty Last?

The duration of your warranty depends on the brand and type of HVAC system you purchased. A manufacturer warranty will last at least a decade.

Licensed HVAC installers have to provide warranties of no less than one year.

What Doesn’t a Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover?

We’ve already covered labor costs, but there are other items a manufacturer’s warranty may not cover. Here are some things that could be excluded from your HVAC warranty:

  • Certain parts
  • Certain circumstances or natural disasters
  • Maintenance items
  • Ownership changes

There are some components your warranty may not cover. What parts you have coverage for may differ according to the manufacturer. Carefully read over your warranty manual so you’ll know what’s excluded.

It’s common for specific circumstances and natural disasters to be excluded from air conditioner warranties. You may see the latter listed elsewhere as “acts of god.”

These include natural disasters (like hurricanes), house fires, electrical surges, and destruction of physical property. Think of circumstances outside normal operation parameters, and you’ll get the idea.

Consult your warranty’s wording to be sure about these exclusions.

We discussed dirty filters earlier and how your warranty won’t cover those. A dirty filter counts as “neglecting AC maintenance” and is an exception.

Changing your filter is a basic task you’re supposed to do to keep your unit working. Scheduling regular tune-ups is another example of AC maintenance.

Some do transfer with ownership. Like all other potential exceptions, the transfer of the HVAC warranty depends on the manufacturer.

An air conditioner warranty can be handy if a vital part of your system stops working. Your HVAC warranty may not cover all costs, but it’s still helpful to have something that offsets AC repair fees.

In the meantime, contact us to schedule your annual maintenance service.

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