Venice AC Filters Repair: How Often Should You Change Them?

AC Filters How Often Should You Change Them

Many people don’t know the effects AC filters have on their homes. Some Air conditioning units cost around $13,000 to install! There are things you can do to extend the system’s lifespan.

One easy thing you can practice is changing out your AC filter. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about AC filter replacement.

What Do AC Filters Do?

AC filters trap dust, allergens, and various types of debris. They also protect your heating and cooling system and increase its lifespan. There can be junk floating around your home, and without the AC filter, all that would get into your HVAC system.

AC filters protect that system from getting clogged. They also protect you from breathing in harmful air. Clean AC filters keep indoor air quality pure.

AC Filter Guide

To know how often you should change your AC filters, you need to know what affects them. Your AC filter has a lifespan that is dependent on outside forces.

Do you have any pets? Many AC filters get loaded down with pet hair and dander. A home with pets may need an AC filter replacement more often than one without pets.

The indoor air quality is critical for anyone who has asthma or other respiratory issues. Clean air helps you breathe better. For someone who suffers from breathing problems, frequent AC filter replacement is crucial.

AC Filter Tips

You should check your AC filters at least once a month to see their condition. If they get clogged and dirty, go ahead and do a quick AC filter replacement.

Some guides will suggest changing the AC filter every three months. That can change if you have pets or poor indoor air quality. For these homes, you should perform AC filter replacement at least once a month.

If you have several pets, you may want to do AC filter replacement every few weeks. Always check the filter and see if it got clogged or dirty.

If you can’t tell if your AC filter is dirty, hold it up to a lightbulb. You will be able to see dirt and hair.

Look at your vents and air ducts. If you see a lot of dust present, you may need to go ahead and change out the AC filter. Your air ducts could be getting clogged.

If you have no pets and live alone, you may get away with changing your AC filters every six months. A rule of thumb is to check them every month to make sure they are not dirty. If you have allergies, it may be best to change them every month.

AC Filter Advice

The best AC filter advice is to keep a regular schedule for checking them. You may not need to change AC filters every month, but you will need to know for sure. Not keeping them maintained could cause high energy costs or system replacement.

AC filter replacement is an easy thing to improve air quality and keep your air unit working well. If you’ve changed your AC filters but find your air isn’t working like it should contact us for an appointment. We are ready to help with all your air conditioning needs!

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