North Port AC: A Homeowner’s Guide on How to Prepare for Your New AC Unit Installation

A Homeowners Guide on How to Prepare for Your New AC Unit Installation

Are you in need of a new AC unit for your home? Have you yet to schedule a new AC unit installation for your home due to your lack of knowledge of the process? If so, then you need to learn how to properly prepare for your new AC installation.

Doing so can help ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. The more that you can prepare the area beforehand, the quicker the installation will be, thus, the sooner you’ll have air again.

See below for several tips on how to prepare for your new AC unit installation and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

1. Prepare a Budget

Perhaps you’ve yet to reach out to an AC unit installation company. If so, then you first want to make sure the new AC unit makes sense for your finances.

Start by scheduling an initial appointment with the installation company. That way, they can come out to assess the unit and receive a quote for the installation of your new AC unit.

From there, you can create a budget to make sure that this investment will work with your finances. Many experts recommend that you save up an emergency fund for expenses such as replacing your AC unit, repairing your roof, and so on.

Once you have a budget, you can reiterate it to the installation company. They can help you find a unit that fits within the parameters of your budget.

If the budget you have isn’t realistic, then your installation service will work with you to find something as close as possible and explain why the higher price is worth it. Remember, you want to look for an AC unit with a high return on your investment, not the lowest price possible.

2. Declutter the Area

Take a walk to the area where your new AC unit is going to be installed. Assess the area around it. Is there a pile of junk standing in the way of the air-conditioning unit? Can you envision the installer having trouble walking around all of the items that you have on the ground?

If so, then you need to correct that. This isn’t just a convenience for the AC unit installation company coming to your house, it’s protection for yourself. If a worker were to slip and fall on something you have on the floor, you could be held financially responsible for their injuries.

Think through all of the items that you need to move. This could be things such as rugs, children’s toys, benches, chairs, tables, workout equipment, you name it!

This can also help you ensure that none of your belongings are damaged while the AC unit is being installed. Just as a rule of thumb, try to give them a ten-foot radius.

Also, make sure to walk the path from your front door to the current AC unit or around the side of your house. Are there any items that could potentially be in the way as they try to carry the new unit in or the old unit out?

3. Gameplan the Location of Your New Outdoor Condenser

For those of you that don’t know what an outdoor condenser is, it’s the large metal cube that’s placed outside your home. These need to be placed outside where they have access to as much outdoor air as possible.

The entire installation process can go smoother (and quicker) if you do a bit of research on where to put the condenser beforehand.

Take a walk outside and search for a place that has a bit of shade, but would still be up against the house and out of the way. Once you decide where you’d like it to be installed, you can clear the area around it to give the workers ample space to install it.

For most of you, you may just decide to install the new outdoor condenser where the old one was. If so, it’s as easy as clearing the area around it. Just make sure the current spot has some shade throughout the day.

4. Consult With the Company

You want to make sure that you’ve thought everything through. Before the installation, make sure to reach out to the company and double-check that you’ve chosen the correct size for your home. It never hurts to ask!

From there, you’ll want to make sure that there isn’t any air escaping through your windows, doors, attic, or walls. See if the installation company you’ve hired would take a look into this as well.

If there is a significant leak, then you’ll want to get it fixed right away. Leaving the leak as-is will result in higher energy bills from month to month.

5. Think About Your Pets

An AC installation can be a scary thing for your pets, especially cats and dogs who will be out and about while the installation occurs.

If your furry friend is afraid of large and unfamiliar items (such as the outdoor condenser), then make sure to place them in their crate or room where they’ll be more comfortable.

This can also make sure that the entire process goes quicker. If your dog isn’t keen on strangers walking into their home, it might be best to have them stay at a friend’s house or at a place where they can play with other dogs for the day.

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