Venice AC: 5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Thermostat


Tired of the cold, the heat and your old thermostat?

Maybe you’re thinking, “is a smart thermostat worth it?” Well, it definitely is worth it!

A smart thermostat gives you the ability to generate programmed and automatic temperature settings. With the standard programmable thermostat, you have to set it to a cooler temperature during the hot season at a time when you will be close to arriving home.

With a smart thermostat you can use your phone to adjust the temperature instantly, how convenient is that! That’s just one of the benefits.

Below are some more awesome benefits of having a smart thermostat in your home.

1. Lower Energy Costs

One of the biggest benefits of having a smart thermostat or upgrading to one is the cost you save on energy. It gives you the opportunity to schedule your HVAC to run less when you’re not home, which causes you to use less energy.

There is also the option of programming your thermostat to start running just before your family’s arrival, so your home will be warm or cool once you walk in.

The level of savings that you benefit from is dependent on the manufacturer of your smart thermostat. Different brands tout different energy-saving statistics. One thing that is certain is that you will save on energy costs.

2. Easy to Control

Another great benefit of having a smart thermostat is the ease of controlling temperatures from several devices. It comes with a brand app which you can download on your iPad or mobile device. These apps give you easy access to check or change the temperature of your thermostat from anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi/data connection.

Controlling the temperature of the thermostat remotely is an amazing benefit that most owners enjoy. For example, you could be arriving home early and want the house to be cool before you get there. All you have to do is log into your thermostat app on your device and adjust the cooling schedule for the day.

What if you are planning to take a vacation? Simply adjust your cooling schedule to keep your home cooler or warmer while you are away. If you have a vacation house to maintain, then you will get alerts informing you if the interior temperature has changed.

3. Ease of Installment

The process of installing your smart thermostat is very easy, as long as you have the correct thermostat wiring. The installment is just like the regular model so if you have that experience then you should go for it.

If you are considering making this a DIY project, you need to cut the power on your old thermostat and remove the cover. Look at the wiring in the thermostat and the markings on them.

Next, take a look at the wiring for your new thermostat and see if it uses the same wiring system as the old one. If it does, by connecting a few wires you can install the thermostat on your own and them program it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Of course, if all this is too complicated for you, then get professional help.

4. Amazing Features

A smart thermostat as the name suggests is a smart tool that responds to changes at the click of a button on your mobile device. It has a lot of cool features that make it super convenient and reliable.

One of these features is compatibility with other devices. Its compatibility with other smart devices allows it to link up and exchange information with a growing number of home devices. For example, once they are on compatible platforms your smart thermostat can control smart humidifiers and air purifiers.

Another cool feature of the smart thermostat is that it can be controlled with your voice. Commands like “Lower the temperature to 65 degrees” can work on your smart thermostat. One final feature of your smart thermostat is its ability to track the latest local weather reports and make suitable changes.

5. Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

The answer to that question is yes! Along with its cool features and great benefits, it allows you to track your energy usage. You can build a home energy profile that records changes in your energy usage and how it can possibly affect your energy cost in the future.

It gives you peace of mind and allows you to live better. For example, imagine a hot summer day, where you are in traffic and just want to jump from the car to a cool home. With a smart thermostat, you can stay right there in traffic and adjust the temperature from your phone to make your home cool.

These temperature adjustments can be based on weather conditions, daily schedules, as well as cooling and heating needs. The benefit of having a smart thermostat is the ability for it to adopt a household’s patterns and make adjustments.

A Smart Thermostat is a Good Decision

Ready to get a smart thermostat?

As discussed, the benefit of having a smart thermostat is its ability to learn a home’s pattern and adjust heating and cooling needs accordingly.

It puts you in control of your heating and cooling needs by giving you the power to adjust temperatures for your convenience by using your smartphone or any other smart device. Its compatibility with other devices makes it a great tool to have in your home. It also has access to current weather reports and forecasts.

You can go on vacation and still monitor the temperatures in your home. No need to worry about coming home to a freezing home or a home that’s too warm. Adjust the temperature before you arrive.

Now you know the answer to the question, “Is a smart thermostat worth it?”. With all the cool features it comes with the answer is a resounding, yes.

If you would like some help with installing a smart thermostat or just need more information before making a purchase, please contact us. Our experts are waiting to help you with your cooling and heating needs.

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