North Port AC: 3 Energy-Saving AC Tips and Tricks

3 Energy Saving AC Tips and Tricks

Stepping into a cool, air-conditioned home after being in the hot sun is one of the best feelings in the world. One of the worst feelings? Receiving the $123 energy bill that’s typical for Florida residents.

Your AC costs you money on your energy bill and comes at a cost to the environment. But there are things you can do beyond just investing in an energy-efficient AC unit to keep those energy costs down.

Below are three energy saving AC tips to lower that energy bill and enjoy your eco-friendly home.

Design an Energy Saving AC Home Setup

You wouldn’t leave the door or window open when the AC is on; you know that’s like throwing money out the window. Unfortunately, the way we set up our homes often requires our AC units to work harder and use more energy.

Fortunately, there are a few easy fixes to your home that will make your AC more energy efficient. Start by looking for any air leaks that may be occurring in your home.

You can add weatherstripping to drafty doors and windows. Use a sealant like caulk on any places where utilities enter and exit your house to ensure no cold air escapes. Gaps around chimneys are also common, so seal any cracks that you find.

You can also prevent the AC from fighting the sun by closing drapes on the sunny side of your home. Awnings can be installed on the windows to further protect your home from the sun’s warmth.

Finally, be sure to make sure your AC vents aren’t blocked by any furniture.

Use Automation for Efficient AC

Using automation lets you ensure you are always using efficient AC settings. You can install a programmable thermostat to manage the AC remotely. This way, you can adjust the temperature of your home from wherever you are.

For example, if you aren’t going to be home for a few hours, you might consider raising the temperature so the AC doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, with a programmable thermostat, you can save energy while you’re away but still have your home at a comfortable temperature when you return.

You can also install energy-efficient ceiling fans. Many of these can be automated as well. Running a fan can make your home feel up to 10 degrees cooler while using significantly less energy than the AC.

Schedule Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Servicing your AC unit regularly prolongs its life and makes it run more efficiently. Air conditioner filters can collect dust and dirt, which restricts airflow. This, in turn, means that it has to work harder to cool your home.

To prevent this, keep your AC unit properly maintained. Your AC system should be cleaned at least once a year. You should also replace the filter monthly during the hotter months of the year to ensure that it’s working efficiently.

If you have an old AC unit, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer model. After a few years, you’ll save so much on your energy bill that it will be a worthwhile investment. Plus, energy saving AC units allow you to have an eco-friendly home.

Implement Energy Saving AC Tips Today

You’ll be surprised how much money you can save on your energy bill just by implementing these energy saving AC tips. Our AC technicians are here to help with any of your air-conditioning needs—contact us and ask how we can help lower your energy bill today!

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