North Port AC: How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts at Home

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts at Home

Recent statistics show a healthy home makes you happy. When you clean your air ducts, people in your home breathe easier, sleep better, and fewer people get sick. Clean air ducts also make your HVAC system run efficiently.

Duct cleaning in your home should happen when there’s a musty smell or when people get sick. It would be best to clean your air ducts after a home remodeling project.

Here’s more on how often you should clean your air ducts.

Musty Smell

When mold gets into your air ducts, it creates a nasty smell.

Mold forms because of moisture problems in the home. Florida’s climate is ripe for moisture issues with high humidity throughout the year. Because air ducts are hard to reach, mold forms, and you don’t know it exists.

Many people are allergic to mold. Dirty air ducts full of mold will trigger a reaction, such as coughing.

Experts will know what mold looks like and can remove it properly. A professional may recommend HVAC repairs if the problem goes beyond a musty smell.


If you or your family is getting sick in your home and can’t pinpoint the cause, you should consider duct cleaning. Dust collects in your air ducts and can cause people to cough, sneeze, and have itchy eyes. Dust is a common allergy!

A healthy home is better for everyone. Fewer people getting sick means fewer doctor bills and less downtime from work and school.

Home Remodeling Project

Contractors create dust during repair, maintenance, and other home remodeling projects. Dust and allergens from trimming wood and drywall get everywhere. Even covering air vents won’t solve the problem.

Debris from a home remodeling project clogs your air ducts and will make your HVAC system work harder. You risk causing the system to break down, causing HVAC repairs and additional maintenance.

You should consider air duct cleaning after doing any major repairs to your home.


Pets are part of the family but leave behind hair and pet dander. In some cases, they leave behind a distinct smell. Pet dander builds up over time, and it can be stubborn to remove.

Let pets and those with allergies live in harmony!

Even if you have one pet, getting regular air duct cleanings is a good idea. Your HVAC repair specialist may also recommend certain air filters for your home if you have pets.

How Often You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

You should clean your air ducts when there’s a musty smell in your home and if anyone gets sick regularly (allergies, etc.). Also, clean your air ducts after any significant home remodeling project. If you have pets, regular cleanings are a good idea.

Contact us today and let us do a thorough air duct cleaning in your home. We will remove any dust and allergens in your home. Take the stress off your lungs and HVAC unit with an air duct cleaning today!

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