Englewood AC: Why Is Air Duct Cleaning So Important?

air duct cleaning

Air ducts, everyone has them, but not everyone cleans them. It may seem odd to worry about the cleanliness of an area of your home you can’t see, but these hidden tubes carry many problems when improperly cared for. In fact, clean air ducts may solve a few problems you’ve noticed in your everyday life.

Want to learn more about what life looks like with clean air ducts? You’ve come to the right place. The top benefits of air duct cleaning are waiting for you below.

1. Clean Air Ducts Air To Freshen The Air

As air flows through your vents, mildew, dirt, and other substances can start sticking to the inside of your ducts. Many factors can cause the collection of grime inside your air ducts, but the most common is the moisture imbalance inside the ducts. Over time, the poor moisture levels will allow mold and mildew to grow in the tubes, impacting your home’s air quality.

Removing the build-up of mildew and grime in your ducts will decrease the pollutants circulating in your home and keep you breathing clean air. This will improve your breathing, especially if you have a mold allergy or respiratory issues, and reduce your reaction to allergens.

2. Clean Air Ducts Reduce Odors

While mildew is growing inside your air duct, it will start to develop a smell. The odor often smells mildew-like (similar to the scent of a crawl space or cellar), and will get pushed into your home as air flows through your ducts. Having your ducts cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service will rid your home of that stubborn odor and replace it with the smell of fresh air.

3. Clean Air Ducts Lower Energy Bills

If you don’t notice any immediate improvements after an air duct cleaning, wait until your energy bills come in. Without the addition of grime filling the inside of your ducts, air will begin to flow more efficiently. This will allow your unit to preserve power as it pushes air through the ducts, saving you money in the process.

4. Clean Air Ducts Are Pest-Free Air Ducts

During colder months rodents and other small nuisances may wander into your ducts looking for warmth. If they find what they’re looking for, the creatures will make camp in your ducts and live there until further notice. Cleaning your ducts every few years will ensure they are pest-free and keep you from breathing in any rodent-related toxins.

A thorough air duct cleaning will also prevent rodents from finding other areas of your home to infest. Nobody wants to wake up to rat droppings.

In Need Of Air Duct Cleaning Services?

Want to know what life is like on the other side of an air duct cleaning? If your answer to the above question is yes and you need an air duct cleaning company, consider our services at Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating. We offer air duct cleaning services and are more than happy to keep your ducts shining.

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