What’s the Average HVAC Repair Cost in Englewood?

What’s the Average HVAC Repair Cost in Florida

Did you know that average summer temperatures in Florida can get above 90 and stay there for months? Factor in the trend of rising temperatures over the past few decades and the high humidity of the state, and it’s easy to see how important air conditioning is.

Due to old age, high demand use, and other factors, Englewood HVAC systems can break down. Getting them repaired is essential and sometimes even a matter of life and death. Read on to learn more about how much an Englewood HVAC repair cost will set you back.

How Much Does Englewood HVAC Repair Cost?

There are lots of issues that cause a malfunctioning unit and the average Englewood HVAC repair cost will vary significantly depending on two factors. The first and most obvious factor is the extent of the repair. Small repairs shouldn’t cost more than $300 and include items like replacing fuses and breakers. Larger repairs can get as high as $1500 and these include fixing broken coils or leaking refrigerant.

The other major factor is whether there is an hourly rate or just a flat fee. Flat fees are typically reserved for smaller jobs and routine maintenance. If it’s a major repair job, you can expect to pay by the hour. The hourly rate for a seasoned Englewood HVAC repairman could be $100 or more.

Regardless of pay structure, the highest Englewood HVAC repair cost will be for replacing a central air conditioner. This cost depends on the Englewood HVAC unit but a full replacement will cost at least $5000.

Is Englewood HVAC Repair More Expensive During the Summer?

Englewood HVAC repair is more expensive in the summer months but this isn’t a case of price gouging. The price increase is often due to supply and demand. Englewood HVAC repair businesses are at their most busy and parts may be in short supply. Scheduling routine maintenance in the colder months could save you a significant amount.

What Other Factors Affect the Price?

There are two items that could lower the price. The first is the warranty on the Englewood HVAC unit. If the unit is still under warranty, the manufacturer will cover the maintenance costs. You should review your unit’s warranty to see what is covered.

Some maintenance companies offer maintenance agreements to cover the work they perform for a set amount of time. Some companies may even offer extended warranties that can extend this period.

What Steps Can You Take To Prevent A Major Repair Job?

There are some basic steps that you can take to care of your unit and possibly prevent costly repairs. Inspecting your filters and checking the thermostat can help you spot minor problems that could lead to a major repair issue. Regularly washing your unit is also helpful.

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Are You Ready For A Repair?

Now that you have some idea about the HVAC repair cost you may have to pay, what are you waiting for? A repair can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Your unit might have coverage from a warranty and you can take basic steps to prevent more costly repairs. If you’re ready for HVAC repair in Englewood, Florida, contact us to get started.

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