What to Expect With an HVAC Unit Replacement From a Nokomis AC Company

What to Expect With an HVAC Unit Replacement From a Sarasota AC Company

Did you know that the HVAC system was worth more than $17 billion as of 2022? This shows that people are always in need of HVAC units to cool their houses down. But HVAC units will only last so long before they need to get replaced.

What should you expect from the HVAC unit replacement process? How long will it take when you hire a Sarasota AC service? Keep reading and learn more about the process and how a Sarasota AC company can help.

Before the HVAC Unit Replacement

Before you hire a Sarasota HVAC company, you should do a bit of preparation. Consider how much it will cost to buy a new HVAC unit. Consider how much a Sarasota AC repair service will cost.

What kind of AC unit do you want to get? One of the most popular options is a ductless mini-split system. This is cheaper than a ducted system, and it won’t require the installers to tear into your house to install any ducts either.

You can also get a portable AC unit. This allows you to drag the unit to different areas to cool them down. You can choose a window AC unit if you want something very small and affordable, but it can only cool one room at a time.

You also have to find the right HVAC company. Do some research to determine the most professional and reputable AC repair company in your area. This will make the process much smoother and faster.

During the Replacement

Before the HVAC company can install the new unit, they first have to get rid of the old one. It may be difficult to do this, depending on where the unit is. It may be necessary for the installers to enter the attic or other tight spaces to disconnect the old HVAC unit.

The crew will stop any electricity leading to the unit and also remove the refrigerant. It will then be necessary to disassemble the unit into several smaller parts. This makes it easier to move.

If you are getting a new type of system, it may be necessary to make some adjustments to the AC ducts in your home. The installers may have to remove old ducts or install new ones.

The installers will likely spend a lot of time in the attic, crawlspaces, and basement to accomplish this. This ensures that everything is hooked up correctly.

After the Replacement

After the new AC unit is installed, it should work perfectly. The installers will turn the unit on before they leave to make sure it functions properly. As long as it turns on and starts running on the first try, there shouldn’t be any problems.

But if there is an issue turning it on, it may be necessary for the installers to make a few more tweaks.

All About HVAC Unit Replacement

HVAC unit replacement should be finished within a day. You need to choose the right company and make sure you know what new AC unit you want. The installers will disassemble the old unit and install the new one so that it’s ready to go.

Are you ready to replace your HVAC unit? Check out our services and see how we can help.

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