What Should You Do if Your Osprey Air Conditioner Smells Bad?

What Should You Do if Your Sarasota Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Statistics show that 84% of homes in the United States have some form of air conditioning.

With the high percentage of homes that have air conditioning, many people are likely to experience malfunctions with their air conditioners. What steps can you take when this happens? What are the most common repairs needed on an air conditioner?

Sometimes the unit can be functioning at normal capacity but not smell normal.

Keep reading to learn more about what to do if your air conditioner smells bad.

Find the Source

Before making any calls, the first step you will want to take is to search the unit to see if there are any visible indicators of the source of the smell. This could be a collection of wet leaves or a small rodent that has managed to sneak into the unit.

Determining what type of smell it is can help narrow down what is causing it. Does your air conditioner smell like wood is burning? Is there a chemical smell?

Different factors cause these scents and some can be more dangerous to breathe within your home.

Call an HVAC Professional if Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

If at any point you cannot determine what is causing the smell or how to proceed, contacting an HVAC professional is a safe solution. They will have access to tools to help diagnose the issue and take action on it.

Your next step after making the call to an HVAC professional is to turn your air conditioner off. If you aren’t sure of the source, stopping the unit from continue to disperse air (and in turn, the smell) through your home is a temporary solution.

Prevent This Situation From Happening Again

After arriving at a resolution, it is important to focus on proper air conditioner maintenance in the future to help curb additional issues.

One simple way to start this is to gain an understanding of how air conditioning works within your home. Unless you have a few window air conditioning units in which you can hold the entire unit to inspect it, you will likely not be able to see all of the parts that contribute to bringing cold air into your home.

Asking the HVAC professional that comes to service your AC unit how you can prevent issues from happening in the future is a great way to gain insight. They can share the most common issues they see and the simple ways to get ahead of them.

Fix Your Air Conditioner Today

Now that you have read more about the steps to take when your air conditioner smells bad, you can take the action to fix it. Eliminating the smell as soon as possible can allow you to resume your normal living without the added headache of the stench. Check out this blog for more informative articles about HVAC-related topics.

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