What Lakewood Ranch Homeowners Need to Know About Central AC Systems

What Lakewood Ranch Homeowners Need to Know About Central AC Systems

Are you ready for hot and humid summers in Lakewood Ranch?

You don’t want to be stuck indoors without a high-quality air conditioner.

Muggy, oppressive heat invites a host of issues into your home. First, there’s the general problem of staying cool in such muggy weather. Next, you have to deal with the health, safety, and financial consequences of not having reliable Lakewood Ranch AC systems when those summer months hit.

A reliable central AC system is the best way to enjoy hot Lakewood ranch summers, but how do they work?

How do you install them, and what do homeowners need to do to keep their air conditioners working properly?

Learn more in this Lakewood Ranch homeowner guide!

What Is a Central Air Conditioner?

A central HVAC system manages the heating and cooling of an entire home. These systems differ greatly from window-installed air conditioners that only cool down a room or small space; you may find these sitting in apartment windows; they’re not controlled via thermostats, either.

Lakewood Ranch central AC systems are more effective in cooling down homes. You also don’t have to worry about window units getting filled with water during heavy summer storms. Even better, you can program central AC thermostats to cool down your house at scheduled times, helping you save money on summer energy bills.

How Do Lakewood Ranch Central AC Systems Work?

Central air conditioning replaces the warm air in your house with cool, comfortable air by pushing warm air over cooling evaporator coils in the HVAC unit. Central AC systems need refrigerant to trap warm air, transforming it into cool air that’s ideal for summer.

Lakewood Ranch homeowners use thermostats to control the temperature of their homes. You can also set your thermostat to kick on the AC once your home rises to a specific temperature. The HVAC system’s blower fan transmits and circulates the cool air throughout the home via air vents.

What happens to all that warm air?

Your home’s warm air turns into gas refrigerant before it’s compressed and sent through the condenser coil. The condenser releases warm air out of the house. The refrigerant gas transforms back into liquid form via the condenser; it then passes through the evaporator coil, repeating the HVAC cooling cycle.

How Do Homeowners Install Lakewood Ranch AC Systems?

Central HVAC systems should only be installed by trained AC technicians. Incorrect AC installation can lead to a host of problems, including potential health, safety, and financial hazards. Improper HVAC wiring, wrong cooling load calculations, system overheating, and leaks are just a few issues to worry about.

For example, you need an HVAC technician to estimate the proper cooling load calculation for your home so that you can avoid installing a system that doesn’t emit enough cool air. Incorrect HVAC wiring also increases the risk of electrical fires. Installing the wrong AC unit may cause it to overheat, emitting burning odors throughout the home.

Save this Lakewood Ranch Homeowner Guide for Summer

Don’t wait to install a central air conditioner. Safeguard the health, safety, and energy costs of your household. Call a trusted Bowersox HVAC technician who’s trained in installing and maintaining Lakewood Ranch AC systems.

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