Englewood AC: What Is Considered an HVAC Emergency?

What Is Considered an HVAC Emergency

Faulty, unkept, or damaged air conditioners can cause serious lung problems. This fact alone is enough to justify regular HVAC system maintenance.

But, what happens, and how can you tell, when you have an HVAC emergency? Well, there are a few obvious signs that will prompt a quick call to an HVAC company for assistance. It’s better to deal with it right away, otherwise you can have a pretty dangerous situation on your hands.

If you’re interested in figuring out exactly what an HVAC emergency entails, consider reading ahead.

Identifying an HVAC Emergency

Identifying an HVAC emergency quickly is essential. There are certain signs that indicate when you should call for HVAC repair, but people tend to ignore them. The first things you want to watch out for are changes in the sounds a system makes, its behavior, and smells that might appear.

Loud and Strange Noises

Most HVAC systems make at least some noise. It’s normal to hear the hum in the background. However, if you hear loud screeching, popping, or jittering, it’s time to contact an HVAC company. This can indicate a build up of pressure, which can result in serious damage to the unit and sometimes the people in the room.

Failure to Power On or Off

It’s frustrating when an HVAC refuses to work properly. But, it can also result in health issues depending on local climate. If the unit refuses to power off, many recommend unplugging it. However, it’s a better idea to contact an HVAC company and ask for some guidance.

An HVAC system that refuses to power on might just require HVAC repair. In that case, contact professionals for assistance.

Strong Odors

Some might consider musky or moldy smells somewhat of a nuisance, and not really an HVAC emergency. This is true and, while it’s better to get the system cleaned right away, there are other odors that can point to serious problems with a unit. If your unit is giving off a burning smell, power it off immediately.

There’s likely a problem with the internal electronics and the HVAC system is now a serious fire hazard. Turning it off and contacting an HVAC company is the best thing to do. If you see smoke or flames, though, reach out to the fire department right away.

Dealing with HVAC Emergencies

As you can likely tell, dealing with an HVAC emergency mostly involves contacting a professional. However, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye, and a nose, out for any oddities that might point to a more serious problem with your unit.

Contact us if you’re looking for some assistance. Whether it’s an emergency, duct cleaning, or just routine maintenance, we’re here to help!

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Strange smells, noises, and unit behavior are the primary indicators. Whenever possible, reach out for help. Doing it yourself can put you and others at risk!

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