Englewood AC: What AC Unit Size Do I Need? Advice From a Wellen Park Contractor

What AC Unit Size Do I Need

In 2022 so far, the global market for air conditioning has a value of over 140 billion dollars.  As temperatures continue to rise, there has never been a more necessary time to install AC.

But it can be difficult to know what air conditioning unit size you need. You want to make sure you are getting good value for money, and not wasting energy.

This article is here to break down how to choose the right air conditioner size. First, we will cover the types of ac units, then move on to AC unit size. You’ll see that understanding residential AC sizing is a breeze!

Types of Residential AC Units

To determine what size of unit you will need, first you’ll need to consider what type of AC unit you’ll be fitting. There are many types available, so let’s look at the most common kinds.

Split air conditioners are the most popular kind of AC unit, as they come in various sizes. They also tend to be the more affordable options.

If you want to have AC in every room, then a central system works best. Mini-splits are better for smaller spaces and are ductless systems. You could also consider a floor-mounted system if you have a lot of windows and doors.

Packaged air conditioners are stand-alone outdoor units. Unlike the split system, everything is contained within the packaged air con. It uses ducts to spread cool air around your home. These are much larger units, so you need to make sure you have space for them outside.

Choosing the Best Unit Size

Choosing the size of your AC unit is important in keeping AC problems at bay. You don’t want an AC unit that is too small, otherwise, it won’t cool down your home enough. You will have to keep it on all the time to get the desired temperature.

You also don’t want something too large, as it will use up too much energy. Because it will cool down very fast, the unit will always be switching on and off. This can damage the mechanics and reduce the lifespan of the unit.

Consider the desired cooling capacity of the AC unit. This gets measured in BTUh (British Thermal Units per hour).

Take measurements to get the square footage of the room you want to cool. Then take the total square feet and multiply it by the BTUs needed for your climate zone. This will give you the correct BTU cooling capacity.

If your home is well insulated or doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight, then you won’t need as much cooling power.

Also, if you have a small room, consider that you need to avoid windows and doors, so you might need a more compact unit. Choosing the correct position helps reduce energy costs and improves performance.

Remember to factor in space for ducts if you’re going for a larger system. They can take up a lot of space, and may also need some building work to install.

Air Conditioning That Will Blow You Away!

Choosing the right air conditioning unit size is vital for getting the most out of your AC. Getting the size correct will save you money on maintenance and you won’t waste energy.

If you’re looking to get a high-quality AC unit installed, then search no further. Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating are experts in keeping you cool and carefree. Whether you need repairs, AC fitting, or unit maintenance, get in touch today.

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