Venice, FL: Top Pool Heater Repair Tips

Top Pool Heater Repair Tips

There’s no point in having a heated pool if the pool heater is broken. Without the heater, your ability to swim in early spring and well into the fall goes right out the window. You can always try to fix the problem yourself, but unless it’s something simple, you’re better off calling a professional.

Luckily, finding quality pool heater repair services is easier than you’d think. Try the tips below to fix your cold pool, then give us a call.

General Venice, FL, Pool Heater Repair Tips

Not all malfunctioning heaters are broken. Sometimes they just need a little adjusting to get them back in working condition. Before you call a contractor, these general pool heater repair tips may help you.

Read the Manual

Any piece of complex machinery will come with an owner’s manual. There may not be a section dedicated to common issues. However, you will find a breakdown of the parts and how everything should look.

Reading through the manual will help you understand how it works. That information can lead to you diagnosing and solving the problem.


After looking over the manual, you should do some internet research. From Google to YouTube there are resources out there that can help.

Call a Contractor

A pool heater repair contractor will look at the problem and fix it smoothly. There is no guesswork and wondering if you’re making it worse. When you can’t figure out the problem call a pool heater repair company.

Common Problems and How to Fix Them

There are a few easy-to-fix problems that every pool owner should know how to repair.

The Pool Heater Shuts off

This happens when there’s an issue with the water pressure. Look for error codes. If you see any, you have to clean out the filter, skimmer baskets, and pump. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the water flow.

The Pump is Running, but not Heating

Look at your pump. Make sure both the water pressure and power are at appropriate settings. If both are functioning properly, then it may be the weather. If it’s too cold some pumps won’t work.

Many pumps need it to be at least 60 degrees outside.

The Pool Heater won’t Turn on

This is different than the heater shutting off while it’s on. First, you should check the power then the water. The electrical connection could be damaged or there’s something wrong with the water flow.

If there’s something wrong with the water pressure, you should look at the pressure switch in addition to clearing everything out.

Repair your Pool Heater Today

Pool heater repair services are essential for your swimming pool. Without one, you won’t have a functioning heater. Without that, the time you do spend in it will be less enjoyable.

Home repairs are a hassle. It’s easier to call and have the problems fixed for you. However, if you feel confident with your mechanical skills, you should give simple problems a try.

To find out how our experienced professionals can assist you, visit our services page.

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