North Port, FL – Clear the Air: Your Essential Air Duct Cleaning Tips

Clear the Air Your Essential Air Duct Cleaning Tips

Most of this dust lies inside air ducts, which circulate the dust through the house. If you want cleaner air, you need to prioritize air duct cleaning.

What should you do to keep dust from entering your ducts? What do you need to clean your ducts? How can you be thorough when cleaning?

Answer these questions and you can master how to clean an air duct. Here is your quick guide.

Keep Your Venice, FL, Ducts From Filling With Dust

The best air duct cleaning tips you can follow help you pursue preventive maintenance. Don’t wait until your ducts fill with dust and debris. Take steps to prevent your ducts from filling up in the first place.

You should swap out your filters every three months. If you have animals that shed fur or hair, you should change your filters every two months. The cleaner your filters are, the more dust they can catch.

Keep plants, pets, and carpets away from your air duct covers and grill plates. It is okay to sit near a cover for a period of time. But don’t put your legs or clothes against it, as lint may get sucked into the duct.

Get Plenty of Tools

Many people assume that they just need a vacuum to follow an air duct cleaning guide. A heavy-duty vacuum is an important tool. Yet you can use a brush and a cleaning cloth, with or without your vacuum.

You also need gloves, a dust mask, and goggles. If you have long hair, you can wear a hat or cap to keep dust from falling on you.

Cover Vulnerable Areas

Before you open your ducts, you need to protect areas that may get dusty. You should cover your supply vents with towels. Dust can get into these vents and then circulate throughout your house.

You should place other towels over pieces of furniture and carpeting. You can lay plastic sheets down on the ground so you can walk between vents without tracking dust.

Clean All Duct Surfaces

It is okay if you leave a little dust in your ducts. But you should try to be as thorough as possible.

Reach into your duct with your vacuum and turn it on. Bring the handle toward you, sweeping left and right. Once the brush reaches you, you can vacuum the walls and ceiling.

You can shine a flashlight and look to see if you caught everything. You should brush everything you can reach with your cleaning cloth just to make sure all the dust is caught.

Do not continue to clean your ducts if there is mold in them. 6% to 10% of Americans are allergic to mold, and inhaling it can cause a significant reaction. Call a company that can remove the mold and give you air duct cleaning advice.

Master Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning does not have to be difficult. You should move items that create dust away from your duct covers.

Before you open your ducts up, you should buy a high-intensity vacuum cleaner. You must have gloves and goggles on, and you can have a cleaning brush on standby.

Place towels over furniture and plastic sheets on the ground. You can then start cleaning as long as you are deliberate with your gestures. Make sure to vacuum all surfaces inside your ducts.

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