Venice AC Company: 5 Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems

Venice AC Company 5 Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems

Have you heard that a mini split AC system will solve all the problems you had cooling your home this past summer? Do you have a mini split system, and did you experience troubles you just couldn’t quite put your finger on? Mini split ACs do have many strong points, but there’s no such thing as a perfect solution, only trade-offs.

Understanding the disadvantages of mini split systems can serve as crucial before-you-buy research. Knowing about common problems can also help you find valuable workarounds. Keep reading this handy breakdown as we address the five most common disadvantages of mini split systems.

1. Higher Upfront Costs

Mini split air conditioning units can work out cheaper in the long run, but this only applies to a subset of installations. A ductless mini split AC requires an outdoor unit and then an indoor unit for each room you want climate-controlled. You also incur labor costs and all the extra components you might need to make the AC work for your home.

2. Required Maintenance

Mini split ACs require more care and attention than HVACs or other AC options. Though there are many maintenance tasks you can take care of yourself, the checklist of components to run through is quite extensive. This can cost a lot of time and money in the long term but failing to property maintain your system may necessitate even costlier Venice AC repair services.

3. Not the Best Filtration

Mini split ACs are not the best performers when it comes to improving air quality. Though they come with a wide range of filters, these filters degrade quickly, and none of them do as well as HEPA filters. Leaving a bad filter in for too long can also cause bigger problems for the AC.

4. Appearance Issues

The indoor units come in a limited variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Installing a mini split AC doesn’t always result in the room gaining an eye-sore fixture, but there are times when the visual clash can be pretty jarring.

5. Low Performance in Extreme Temperatures

Choosing which air conditioning option to use doesn’t only have to suit the building (size and design) but also the location’s climate. When temperatures drop or rise dramatically, you may find yourself pushing your AC unit to its limits just to keep you comfortable.

Overworking your AC may result in a faster degradation of the AC unit’s parts. This can lead to dripping (not great for wood, tiles, or carpets) and an increased need for maintenance.

You may also need to consider the chances of a hurricane damaging the outdoor unit in a state like Florida.

Navigate the Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems

Ductless AC units are excellent for making homes more comfortable for their occupants. However, it’s always good for a buyer to know the disadvantages of mini split systems. A mini split AC unit can cost less across its lifespan, but it will have a higher upfront fee and require a lot of maintenance. They can look out of place in some houses, don’t have the best filtration, and don’t cope well with intense weather.
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Thankfully, working with the best Venice AC company can minimize these issues. Get the best quote for buying or maintaining a mini split AC today!

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