The Importance of Maintaining Your Indoor Air Quality in North Port

The Importance of Maintaining Your Indoor Air Quality in Sarasota

Over one-third of Americans live in areas with unhealthy air pollution. This was the conclusion of the 2023 State of Air report by the American Lung Association. It is vital that you improve your indoor air quality in Sarasota, Florida, to stay healthy.

Poor air quality is a risk to your health, causing breathing issues and worsening existing conditions. By ensuring wellness at home, you can seek refuge when outside air quality is unhealthy.

So, how do you improve indoor air quality in Sarasota, FL? Our quality guide will help you get started.

Read on to reap the wellness benefits of clean air.

Clean to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Sarasota

Regular cleaning can help you improve indoor air quality. Cluttered, dusty homes are magnets for allergens, pollutants, and mold spores. Keep things tidy to make cleaning easier and hiding harder for dirt particles.

Vacuuming carpets, drapes, and bedding reduces dust, pet dander, and other allergens. Installing new air filters in your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will keep air cleaner for longer.

House plants help to filter out toxins from the air, but they also attract dirt and dust. Bacteria and fungi can live in their soils. If you you have allergies or breathing troubles, try moving your plants away from living spaces.

Check Local Air Quality Reports

Florida can get hot and humid, but before you open the windows, check the local air conditions. Particulate matter (PM) fills the air when pollution is high, and smaller particles, like PM2.5, can enter your lungs.

Ventilation is key to indoor air quality. If you think back to the pandemic, airflow was a method to limit indoor transmission. The same applies to most airborne viruses, but when outdoor air quality is bad, opening the windows is far from a nice option.

A quality HVAC system with clean air filters will keep PM2.5 out while keeping you cool. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures clear ducts, adequate airflow, and efficient operation. Antimicrobial air filters can keep you and your family safe from viruses.

Invest in HVAC Upgrades

Central HVAC systems offer better air quality than window units. In Sarasota, FL, the warmer months make AC essential, but you need to fit window units in multiple rooms. A central HVAC system keeps every room cool, and you can control it from one point.

Air filters on central HVAC systems supply clean air throughout your property. You should find a reliable HVAC technician in Sarasota to perform checkups. Spring is the key time before the Florida sun hits, and you have time for AC repair work.

Cleaner Air for Your Home

Improving your indoor air quality in Sarasota helps you stay healthy. Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating is a Sarasota company. Our team of expert HVAC technicians offers installations, fast repairs, and periodic maintenance.

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