Lakewood Ranch AC: The Importance of Healthy Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Having good air quality in your home is essential for you and your family. Around 50% of deaths of children due to pneumonia result from household air pollution! Millions of adults also die from air pollutants each year.

There are steps to take so your home maintains the best air quality possible. Keep reading our guide to learn why it is crucial to track indoor air quality.

Why Good Air Quality Matters

Indoor air pollution is a risk to your health. It makes sense to keep the indoor air quality as healthy as possible. Many people work indoors now, so they breathe that air for hours each day.

Certain illnesses worsen when you don’t have access to healthy air quality. Anyone with respiratory problems needs good air quality, or it makes the issues much worse.

We spend much of our leisure time indoors now, too. That makes it more critical than ever to improve home air quality. You want the air you and your family breathe to be free of allergens and the particles that could cause illness.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

If you don’t have good air quality in your home, you may notice signs of it. You may get more occurrences of respiratory viruses or allergy issues. These can become more concerning if they happen in your home and nowhere else.

Bad smells can mean that your home isn’t providing healthy air quality. It may be a musty smell. Sometimes it smells stagnant rather than fresh and clean.

There may also be more dust in the home. Sometimes you will notice dust particles floating in the air as you walk through a room. If your house has good air quality, you won’t see much dust.

Air Quality Testing

If you get concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, there are things you can do to test it. The first thing is to look for the signs of poor air quality. When you notice them, it is indicative of a problem.

When you don’t want to rely on your judgment, you can invest in an air quality monitor. These devices can test the humidity levels in the home. They can also test for particulate contaminants that cause illnesses.

Do some research before you buy an air quality testing unit. These don’t all get created the same. You want to know what it will detect and the amounts of it.

Call a professional who can check your entire HVAC system. An air quality specialist can clean the ducts and make sure the air in your home is clean. You will have good air quality the same day.

The Best Air Quality

Good air quality is not something you should leave to chance. Your health depends on it. Your family depends on it, too.

Remember to make frequent checks of indoor air quality. You should also maintain the systems that produce clean air in your home.

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