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In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier came up with one of the “coolest” inventions ever—the home air conditioning unit. Today, Sarasota residents can escape the heat by hiring a Sarasota AC company to install a Sarasota HVAC or undertake Sarasota AC repair.

When searching for a new residential AC choice, you may consider the single zone mini split as your Sarasota AC choice. So what is a mini split and what are the benefits of single zone vs multi zone? Read on to learn more about mini split zone options and more.

What Is Single Zone Mini Split?

If you are looking to install a new residential AC unit, one great choice is a heat pump. These ventless options offer many benefits over traditional cooling and heating options.

A single-zone pump is ideal for cooling a single room. This is a great choice for homeowners looking to cool their new additions, workspaces, or garage. The units are highly affordable and work great for small homes.

The units work differently than a typical window unit. They look better, and they won’t block your windows.

The multi-zone pump works similarly to a single-pump zone but offers better cooling coverage. They are also more flexible than single-pump units. Either unit can cut down on AC costs by lessening the burden on your central AC unit.

Which Sarasota AC Option Is Right for Me?

Our team is here to help you decide which cooling choice is right for your home. Whether you go with a single-zone mini split or multi-zone mini split, the goal is to have control over your cooling and heating options.

One important consideration is whether you have rooms that you do not use regularly. If you or your guests are not regularly in a certain room, there is no need to keep that part of your house continually cooled. This can save you on your power bill.

If you have many people living in your home, the multi-zone choice may be right for you. There will be fewer disputes over controlling the thermostats. One guest may prefer a chilly room while another prefers a warmer climate.

The units can be conveniently controlled via remote controls or even smart devices. Several units can be powered using one outdoor compressor. Smaller homes with one or two occupants may be well served by a single zone mini split.

What to Expect During Your Sarasota AC Company Visit

Once one of our technicians makes it to your home, you will be given a quote for absolutely no charge. During the inspection, our specialist can help you navigate the pros and cons of our mini split zone options. We service and install a wide range of production options so you can find the right AC unit for the right price!

Schedule Your Sarasota HVAC Inspection or Sarasota AC Repair Today

Are you looking for a cost-effective Sarasota AC choice like a single zone mini split? Your Sarasota AC company, Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating, provides a wide range of Sarasota HVAC options.

Depending on your needs, you may simply require Sarasota AC Repair. Don’t put off finding the right unit to help you stay cool this summer. Give our team a call today to find the right deal for your family.

How We Can Help

We offer high-quality blow in insulation services for homeowners and business owners in the North Port, Venice, Nokomis, & Sarasota areas.

We can add blow-in insulation to your existing home, or we can meet your insulation needs during a new construction project. We perform work in a wide range of properties, including custom single-family homes and commercial properties. In addition, we can help during multi-family remodels or retro work.

In fact, over the past several years, we have been able to meet the unique needs of hundreds of architects, builders, and homeowners. For instance, we have re-insulated existing attics or helped with new additions.

We have also played a role in gut renovations that have required our insulation services. Likewise, we have provided insulation for apartment buildings spanning multiple stories.

To learn more about how our blow-in insulation services can add comfort and value to your home or commercial property in the seasons ahead.