New AC Installation in Venice: 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

New AC Installation 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Started
As of 2020, the global air conditioning systems market sat at roughly 107.9 million units. AC units are excellent for keeping the temperature of your home regulated efficiently. If you are looking into a new AC installation, there are some important factors you should understand before getting started. For three of the most important things you should know, keep reading.

1. Get a Professional Contractor

When you want to install a new AC unit this is possibly the most important aspect. Make sure your unit is installed by someone who is properly trained and licensed. Doing so will ensure it functions correctly, has minimal issues, and works as efficiently as possible. Going with a company like Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating means you can be sure you will have well-trained professionals carrying out the work. When comparing options customer reviews can be an excellent indication of how good a company is. With 4.9 out of 5 stars across more than 150 reviews, Bowersox stands out as one of the best around. It is important that the contractor you find doesn’t just know how to install a new central AC unit, but also how to maintain and repair it. A good warranty promise is also something to look out for. Bowersox currently provides a free 10-year warranty covering parts and labor – perfect to cover you if any issues arise with your unit.

2. Buying an AC Unit Online

There are a number of options when you are getting a new AC unit installed. You can go all-inclusive, having a contractor supply and install the AC unit. Or you may also opt to buy the unit separately, then hire a contractor to install it. You might want to do this to save on the cost to install a new ac unit. There are a few potential downsides here though. When purchasing through a contractor they will be able to assess your home to provide the most ideal model to suit your needs. Buying a unit separately may result in one that is more/less powerful than what you require. It is also possible that if you buy an AC unit then ask a contractor to install it, they might decline. This could be due to how their warranties work in terms of units they supply themselves, or if there are any issues with the unit (damage, size, paperwork, etc.). Having a contractor both supply and install your AC unit might increase the new AC installation cost, but it will be a more streamlined and secure process.

3. Load Calculation and Size

A proper load calculation is essential to ensure you have the best AC unit for your home. An HVAC technician can match the thermal characteristics of your home with cooling capacity. This will be based on the size of your home, roof material, number of appliances, directional orientation, climate zone, and other factors. Using this information they can then make sure they supply the most suitable AC unit to keep your home’s temperature regulated at maximum efficiency.

How to Go About a New AC Installation

It is a complicated process, and should always be done by a licensed professional to ensure it is done correctly, and all regulations are followed. Bowersox is a leading full-service HVAC company, and our technicians are experts when it comes to new AC installation. Providing a 10-year warranty for parts and services, with 24/7 operation, you know you’re in good hands.
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