Englewood AC Company: Mini Split vs Window Unit

mini split vs window unit

Air conditioning may seem like a strictly modern invention, but there are instances of it going back thousands of years. Take, for example, the Iranian windcatchers. These were a no-electricity cooling system solution dating back 3,000 years.

As incredible as the windcatchers are, they only succeeded in lowering the temperature by about 12 degrees. Your Englewood A/C can do a much better job on those hot days. Yet as you decide which types of A/Cs to choose from, you may find yourself at an impasse: mini-split vs. window unit systems.

Which one should you have your Englewood A/C company install? Let’s take a closer look at these options for cooling your home.

Mini-Split vs. Window Unit: What's the Difference?

Both a mini-split and a window type use the same modern air conditioning technology to cool your home. You see it at work in the many other types of A/Cs.

That said, these are very different units with their own unique advantages. Let’s compare them.

Mini-Split A/C Options

Mini-split A/Cs are air conditioners split into two components, between the inside and outside. You have a compressor mounted on the outside wall, which pipes cooled air to an indoor unit.

These are excellent air conditioners for a single room rather than a full-house system. If you buy the right compressor, then you can use it to supply multiple indoor units. They are very energy efficient and comparable in many ways to central A/C systems.

Additionally, a mini-split costs much less than a full Englewood A/C central cooling system to buy and install. Englewood A/C repair is also cheaper for a split type than a full system.

Window Unit Options

A window unit is as the name implies: an A/C that rests on your windowsill. They are easy and cheap to install. You won’t need to drill through the walls or mount a heavy compressor outside.

They don’t need extra wiring, either. They often only require a standard wall plug to power them.

You can still use them as you would a traditional A/C system by adjusting them via remote or thermostat. However, they only cool a single room. Further, they are the least energy-efficient options; only portable A/Cs have worse efficiency.

Which Should You Choose as Your Englewood A/C?

In most cases, we recommend installing a mini-split A/C if you can afford the extra cost and installation fees. It’s far more efficient, saving you a ton of money over its lifespan. Plus, it won’t take away the view from one of your windows.

That said, window unit options are beneficial for rooms that don’t use A/C very often. Since they are cheaper and easier to install, they are easier to remove too. You can bring them with you when you move to a new house without having to rip out any pipes or leave a hole in the wall.

Find Englewood A/C Repair

Mini-split vs. window unit: which one is best for you? A mini-split has superior energy efficiency and doesn’t leave an ugly unit hanging out of the window. Window types, however, are affordable options for single rooms that require only occasional cooling.

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