Lakewood Ranch: The AC Installation Process: A Quick Guide

The AC Installation Process A Quick Guide

90% of American homes use air conditioners. If yours isn’t working, it’s time to get a new one.

Whether you’re moving into a new home that needs an air conditioner or yours is old and not functioning anymore, it’s important to understand the AC installation process. With a quality HVAC company doing the job, you can have a working AC unit for 15-20 years.

In this process, we’re going to explain the AC installation process. Many homeowners think that this is a long and complicated task, but when it’s done right, it’s really simple. Keep reading and you’ll be calling for installation in no time.

Removing Your Old AC System

Unless you’re moving into a brand new build, the first step of the AC installation process is going to be removing your old system. Your AC installer will take measures to protect your home and yard from the debris that comes from removing the old unit.

They’ll also dispose of the old unit for you. An old AC unit can be recycled at a special facility according to specific regulations, but the refrigerant needs to be drained from every component of the air conditioner.

Inspecting Your Home

Once the old unit is gone, your installer will thoroughly inspect your home’s infrastructure to make sure it’s suitable for a new unit. Mainly, they’ll be looking for air duct leaks that could affect the performance of a new air conditioner. If they find anything, they’ll fix it before doing the installation.

New AC Installation Process

Depending on how comparable your new AC unit is with the old one, the installer may have to install new piping, wiring, or ductwork to suit the new system. Beyond that, AC installation involves the following:

  • Installing a new indoor evaporator coil
  • Installing new refrigerant lines
  • Setting up the outdoor unit on a composite pad
  • Installing a filter dryer
  • Hooking up the wiring
  • Installing the condensate drain line

Once everything is installed and hooked up, they’ll turn the system on to test it. All of this is done in 4-8 hours and your new AC unit will be up and running.

Thermostat Inspection

The last thing that an AC installer will do is inspect your thermostat. An air conditioner is only as functional as its thermostat. Most AC units come with a thermostat, but if you’ve got a smart thermostat that you love, just ask your installer to hook it up.

All that this involves is connecting the thermostat to the AC unit and making sure that one controls the other. If it’s a new thermostat, your installer will show you how to use it before they leave.

Final Checks

This is the AC installation process in a nutshell. When you have a trustworthy HVAC team performing the installation, there’s nothing to worry about. That said, it’s important to discuss maintenance so that your AC unit lasts as long as it should.

At Bowersox Air Conditioning & Heating, our AC installation services are second to none in the Venice area. We also offer AC service and annual maintenance that will ensure the longevity of your unit. Contact us today to discuss your AC needs with one of our helpful professionals.

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