Installing a Ducted Mini Split System in Your Home: Is It Worth It?

Installing a Ducted Mini Split System in Your Home: Is It Worth It?

Florida is known for its record-high temperatures during the summertime. Previous summers have reached temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and any objects left out in the heat have gotten as hot as 177.9 degrees.

Your home is subject to the same problems as any other stationary object soaking up the sun’s rays. As such, you’ll need reliable AC unit installation to help you survive the hot temperatures. A ducted mini-split system is one of your best options if you live in a larger home with multiple rooms.

But is it worth installing a ducted AC unit, and what will it cost?

What Is a Ducted Mini-Split System?

A ducted mini-split system uses vents to deliver air conditioning to different rooms via a smaller system of ducts. In other words, it functions much like a more controlled and localized central air conditioning system.

When compared to central air, you won’t have to deal with as much ductwork or heavy air conditioning units. As such, it’ll be more affordable to install brand new. A mini-split system is also much easier to install and won’t take up as much space.

Keep in mind that there are ductless mini-split systems that function similarly to window AC units. Those only work for single areas or rooms and don’t use ductwork.

Benefits of a Ducted AC Unit

Utilizing a ducted AC unit can bring many benefits to both your home and your person.

To begin with, central AC dehumidifies the air and can boost your metabolism. It can help tame your allergies as well, as these systems often filter out airborne particulate.

A ducted system can cool or heat multiple rooms, as opposed to ductless systems that only work in the room they’re installed. This is helpful if you only need to provide AC to a few different areas but don’t want a window unit installed in every room.

Drawbacks of a Split System

There are some considerations when using a ducted split system, though.

To begin with, it won’t cool or heat your rooms as efficiently as individual systems installed in them. You’ll have maybe one unit that’s meant to work for multiple rooms, which could cause issues.

Next, they may not filter as well as other HVAC systems. That means you’ll need to clean them out and maintain them more regularly.

Finally, there may be some higher upfront costs when compared to a ductless system. As the name implies, a ducted system requires installed ductwork. It also needs an outdoor unit in addition to the indoor unit.

Invest in Professional Venice AC Services

A ducted mini-split system is a great option for a smaller home or apartment with a few rooms you want to keep at a comfortable temperature. Even though it requires installing ductwork, it also means that you won’t have a bulky unit taking up space in every room.

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Easier Scheduling

When you have a dead air conditioner, there’s no way you want to wait around longer than necessary for it to be fixed.

Working with a local AC company means you’ll have a much easier time scheduling. You’re not going through a third-party central scheduling group. You’ll be talking directly to the team.

Whether you’re hearing unusual noises from your unit or the fuse keeps blowing, you’ll be on the schedule quickly.

Quick Repair Time

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an HVAC system, you need a team that’s going to respond quickly. Not only do you want them to your home as fast as possible. You also want them to get working quickly as well.

A local team is designed to do just that. They understand the most common AC problems in the area and will focus on those first. Often, there are fewer hoops for the repair technician to jump through than a larger company. So they can get you relief much quicker.

Opportunity for Education

Since a local AC company has a little bit more flexibility, they can take the time to give you more education.

This is especially helpful when you have a dead air conditioner and are looking at replacing it. They can help walk you through your options to see what would work best in your home. Their expertise is invaluable in those situations.

Trusted Reputation

Nothing is worse than paying to get a problem fixed and that not happening. It’s frustrating and disheartening to not be able to trust those who are working in your home.

When you work with a local AC repair team, you can count on their trusted reputation. You can rely on the opinions of your neighbors and friends about the company. Their experiences show who the company is and what they’re about.

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