Venice AC: How to Save Money on Air Conditioning and Keep the Home Cool

Up to 90 percent of American households have air conditioning. And yet, when the weather turns warmer, you can watch your energy bills skyrocket. You can’t afford to keep your AC running constantly. You need to explore ways to keep the costs down on your AC. Of course, that shouldn’t simply mean allowing yourself to fry indoors because you can’t afford the bills. Instead, you need to follow our tips on how to save money on air conditioning. Check out the below for more!

1. Buy a Few Fans to Cool Your Home

Fans don’t actually generate cool air for your home. What they do is circulate the warm air around your home. This subsequently helps to cool down the temperature inside. If you turn on your fans at the same time as your AC, they will work effectively together. If you have a home with two floors, then you should install a few fans upstairs. Downstairs you can simply open windows to circulate the air. Fans are even more effective if they are installed on the ceiling. This ensures that the warm air that rises up gets pushed around the room as well.

2. Avoid Cooking With Your Oven

When you open up the oven you’ll experience a gush of hot air. If the temperature is already high, you don’t want to add to the problem. Trust us, it’s not worth it just to have a warm dinner. That’s why it’s always a great idea to go outdoors to have a BBQ when the weather is warm. You could also choose cold foods, such as a healthy salad or a tasty sandwich to satisfy your appetite instead. If you really need to cook, wait until the temperature has dropped a little in the evening rather than cooking in the middle of the day. Ensure you always turn on the exhaust fan when you’re cooking, otherwise, you’ll be surrounded by a steamy heat that your AC will need to work hard to get rid of.

3. Keep Your AC Maintained

If you have a faulty AC, then don’t be surprised if your energy bills are much higher than you expected them to be. You need to ensure that your AC is operating efficiently if you’re going save money on your bills. Don’t try to save money by not investing in maintenance for your AC system. If it doesn’t work properly, you’ll spend a lot more on your monthly bills to cool your home.

4. Replace Your AC With a New System

Eventually, you need to accept that your AC is broken. You cannot expect your AC to have a lifespan of more than twenty years. Therefore, it may be time to replace your old AC with an updated model that works much better at cooling down your home. Do you need an AC system? Check out our products available on our website.

5. Plant Trees Around Your Home

Your home becomes warm during the summer because the sun shines through your windows. The heat also finds its way into your home through the roof. You can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by surrounding yourself with trees and bushes. While purchasing a bunch of leafy plants may appear expensive at first, you’ll soon discover that you start saving money on your energy bills. You can even improve the efficiency of your AC by up to 10 percent by surrounding your home with trees. That’s surely worth it!

6. Cover Up the Windows in Your Home

You may enjoy how beautiful the natural light that shines through your windows looks. However, most of the sunlight that comes through your windows ends up as heat. This causes your home to heat up rapidly. You can prevent this from making your AC work overtime by putting up screens over your windows. You can even purchase window films that are transparent but prevent the heat from coming through the glass as much.

7. Take a Quick Cold Shower

If you don’t want to depend on your AC to keep cool, you can always find other ways to prevent yourself from overheating. Jumping into the shower to get splashed with cold water is an effective way to cool everything down. You won’t mind if the AC is turned low for a while after you have drenched yourself in the cold water.

8. Set Your Thermostat Higher

Always keep your thermostat at high temperatures. This is especially important when you’re not even at home. You’ll be shocked by how much you save on your energy bills by running your thermostat only 10 degrees higher than normal. You don’t necessarily need your home to be less than 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home. Avoid running your AC when you don’t need to.

9. Remove Another Layer

If you’re walking around your home in your clothes, make sure you’re not too covered up. Just as you should always put on a sweater when the weather is cold, you should only be wearing shorts and t-shirts or a summer dress when at home in the warm. This will stop you from constantly needing to put the AC on when you’re at home.

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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

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