North Port AC: How to Make and Maintain Your AC Maintenance Checklist

How to Make and Maintain Your AC Maintenance Checklist

Are you hoping to get a few more years out of your AC unit? Even if it’s a newer unit, as it runs it collects dirt that can hinder its performance.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside the house. As you put together an AC maintenance checklist, you’ll be able to do some spring cleaning on your AC system and keep it running smoothly.

Here are our best tips for building your checklist!

Gain Some Understanding

You’ll be a lot better at preventive maintenance when you understand how your AC system works. Building a maintenance checklist will make more sense when you know how the system does its job.

There are two parts of the system you’ll have to maintain, the evaporator inside your home and the condenser outside your home. Both have associated tasks that go with keeping them in good shape.

The condenser has cooling fins on the outside, and a fan, compressor, and tubes on the inside.

The job of this unit is to recycle the refrigerant your indoor evaporator uses to cool air. The condenser’s fan pulls outside air into the coil. Then the excess heat is released outside, and the refrigerant is converted from a gas back to a liquid and sent back inside.

The evaporator inside cools the air and sends it into your home.

First it sucks hot air in through the returns. Liquid refrigerant converts to gas, and as it does so absorbs heat from the indoor air. The indoor air cools during this process, and then gets released back through the ductwork.

The refrigerant passes to the condenser outside (see above).

Deep Cleaning: AC Maintenance Checklist

To extend your AC lifespan keep the condenser and the evaporator clean. This is the bulk of DIY AC maintenance. Here are some tasks to add to your checklist for cleaning your condenser:

  • Remove block shutoff to turn off power
  • Remove metal guard
  • Vacuum fins (FRAGILE!)
  • Gently bend misshapen fins back using butter knife
  • Remove fan to gain access to inside
  • Remove leaves and debris
  • Hose down fins from inside out
  • Reassemble unit
  • Turn power back on

Here are some tasks to add to your checklist for cleaning your evaporator:

  • Turn off power
  • Remove access panel
  • Replace furnace filter if needed
  • Vacuum dust and dirt
  • Lubricate motor if it has lubrication ports
  • Replace access panel
  • Disconnect drain tube
  • Clean drain port
  • Clean drain tube (pour in solution of 1 part bleach to 16 parts water)
  • Reattach tube
  • Turn power back on

These are a few tasks that will help keep your unit in working order. They’re all part of keeping the machinery clean and free of debris that can clog the motor or fan and make it harder for the units to run.

Double Check Your Work

Ask your AC installation company what else they recommend you check when you do your annual maintenance. Often they can tell you manufacturer recommendations based on the exact unit they installed for you.

Not all units have the same parts, so some of the tasks on your AC maintenance checklist should be tailored to your specific unit. Be sure to check with a professional so you have some guidance about how to properly care for your AC unit.

Request an appointment with Bowersox Air today! Our technicians are ready to help maintain your unit.

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