North Port AC: How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Spring

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Did you know that 75% of U.S. households have air conditioners and that these units use approximately 6% of the electricity produced in the country?

If you want your HVAC unit to function effectively and efficiently year after year, you’ll have to ensure it’s routinely maintained.

Are you ready for the spring season that is just around the corner? If not, call an HVAC company to book an appointment for routine maintenance.

Keep on reading to learn more about HVAC system maintenance to ensure your unit is ready for the warmer weather that’s just ahead.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

If you get your HVAC unit maintained routinely, you’ll avoid a lot of problems. Preventive maintenance is, after all, about taking proper care of your unit to prevent possible issues that stem from improper care.

So, book a service call with an HVAC service business ahead of the spring season. The technician dispatched to your home will assess your unit, do a tuneup, change the filter, and do other things to get your HVAC unit ready.

Check Airflow

It’s essential to check the airflow regularly. A rule of thumb is to turn on your equipment every couple of weeks to check on the airflow. Failing to do this will cost you since undiagnosed problems will worsen over time.

A lack of maintenance can affect negatively your HVAC’s efficiency, so don’t forget to make a calendar reminder.

Change HVAC Filter

Don’t underestimate the importance of your HVAC filter. If it’s dirty and clogged, the filter will stop air circulation. It will also get in the way of cleaning agents that need to get to the coils.

Filters are relatively inexpensive, so changing them won’t cost you much. But the problems they help to prevent will save you a lot of money.

Clean the Coil Outside

It’s also essential to clean the coil outside. Remember that your air conditioner is outdoors where the components are exposed to the elements. You’ll want to check out the coils. Clean them as part of your spring cleaning.

While some homeowners use a garden hose to clean their coils, the best option is to book a service call with an HVAC services company. The coils are an important part of your HVAC unit. It’s best to have them properly serviced.

Clean Vents and Registers

One of the most important maintenance tips for your heating and cooling system is to clean the vents and registers in your home. This will help keep dirt, particles, and debris from winding up in your air supply.

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