Osprey AC: How Often Do You Need AC Duct Cleaning Services?

How Often Do You Need AC Duct Cleaning Services

Air conditioning was popularized in the last century, and before that, people had to find other ways to stay cool. Much of the history of architecture was influenced by the need to regulate temperature. It was the reason for underground homes, high ceilings, and thick walls.

These days, homes are built to accommodate vents and ducts for HVAC systems. However, even these come with downsides, the biggest being that they require more maintenance and are harder to fix when they do break down.

The good news is that many issues can be avoided with regular AC duct cleaning. How often should you be cleaning them, exactly? We’ll discuss that in this article

After Moving In

This might seem like a weird idea to clean out air ducts in a house you’ve just had inspected, but it’s still a good idea. Unfortunately, when we move into a new house, there’s no way for us to know how the previous occupants treated it.

The home inspector will tell us about any major issues, but we likely won’t hear about anything that isn’t broken or in serious need of maintenance. Getting your ducts cleaned lets you start on a clean slate.

While it’s not likely after a home inspection, it’s important to do an occasional AC cleaning to ensure that mold doesn’t become a problem. Most mold found in homes comes from three types: Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. All three can cause respiratory issues, especially for those with asthma or weak immune systems.

After Renovations

If you’ve made any recent changes to your home, there’s a good chance there’s been some mild pollutants like sawdust or dust from plaster. While this stuff isn’t usually harmful, too much of it can irritate your throat.

An air duct cleaning after renovations can help remove any particles that get caught in the HVAC system, so your family doesn’t risk breathing it in.

Pets and Smokers

You’ll need to take special consideration if you have furry pets, or if someone in your household smokes. Both smoking and pet dander can release particles and other contaminants into the air.

These contaminants can become a big issue over time, and if you can actively see contaminants in the air, you almost certainly need to hire air duct cleaning services.

Regular Maintenance

If none of the above points apply to you, then you should clean your air ducts every three years. There’s no ironclad standard for when to clean your AC ducts, but we don’t recommend waiting more than five years.

Remember that the longer you wait, the more can build up in your system, which can affect its efficiency. An efficient system is often the difference between a high heating bill and a low one.

Regular AC Duct Cleaning

Scheduling an AC duct cleaning every few years is an important part of home upkeep. How often you should clean out your ducts depends on several factors, which we’ve discussed in this article.

However, cleaning is just one part of AC installation and maintenance. Looking around our site can teach you a lot more. Feel free to contact us if you’re in need of HVAC installation or repair.

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